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The Ultimate Fighter 13 Recap of Episode 7: Bentley not Happy!

TUF 13 WC 300x150 The Ultimate Fighter 13 Recap of Episode 7: Bentley not Happy!You had to figure the episode with start off with Len Bentley and his displeasure for not being picked as a wildcard. Following the picks Bentley pulls Dana White aside and asks for Ryan McGillivray in the finale. White looks a bit perplexed and asks him why didn’t he show this passion earlier?

Back at the house Bentley is telling anyone and everyone that will listen that “HE” fought harder than Javier Torres and Chuck O’Neil and doesn’t agree with the picks. McGillivray decides to stir the pot by telling Bentley what Junior Dos Santos told him about Brock Lesnar saying he thought Bentley’s knee wasn’t ready to Dana White.

Bentley bashes Lesnar on Camera, claiming he doesn’t care and only coaches when the camera is on him. Later talks face to face with Lesnar about why he didn’t get the wildcard and Lesnar immediately points to the knee of Bentley. Lesnar continues to talk with the unhappy fighter and though he doesn’t lie to him, he also doesn’t tell him everything.

Javier Torres wants to prove he learned from the last fight and Team Dos Santos coaches are expecting big things from him. Chuck O’Neil is baffling Lesnar though as he looks bored in training and that has Lesnar second guessing himself.

All on Team Lesnar focus on O’Neil during training and both the fighter and the coaches come away extremely happy.

Time for the Coaches challenge (Football)

Now many would think Lesnar would have the advantage here as he tried out for the NFL but let’s remember that he didn’t make the team….

The challenge was a combination of several drills that would test your agility, power, speed and stamina. The winning coach wins 10k for himself and his fighters will also get $1,500. The challenge was very close and came down to the kicking drill and the 100 yard dash. The two were even up until they had to kick a field goal where Dos Santos made it faster and started the finale run before Lesnar. Having the head start on the run Dos Santos was able to hold off the big guy to win the challenge.

Dos Santos celebrates but ends up giving the team Lesnar coaches $500 each and the fighters $100.

Fight time: Team Dos Santos fighter Javier Torres takes on Chuck O’Neil from Team Lesnar.

Round one: Chuck charges in and puts Javier against the cage to open the fight. The two would dance along the cage, each reversing position for what seemed like forever. Finally they break and Javier lands a nice jab, then grabs for the clinch. While in the clinch Javier lands a knee that’s too low and fight is paused while Chuck recovers. Not a whole lot of action going on as with one minute left the two clinch again. Chuck is unsuccessful with a takedown attempt and the round ends with Javier pressing Chuck against the cage.

Round two: Chuck opens with a jab and follows it up with another, but Javier counters with a left. They clinch and Javier gets a takedown and gets right into side control. Javier goes for the back of Chuck that allows him the get back up and score a trip takedown. Chuck is holding a loose kamura attempt but not doing much of anything else as the time runs off the clock. Javier tries to get up from the stalemate and sweeps chuck to get back to his knees but leaves himself open for a darce choke. Javier cannot escape from the submission and is forced to tap out.

Chuck O’Neil wins the wildcard fight to advance to the quarterfinal round.

Before the show wraps up, Dana White comes out and announces the matchups for the quarterfinal round.

Fight #1 – Clay Harvison (Team Lesnar) vs. Ramsey Nijem (Team Dos Santos)
Fight #2 – Chris Cope (Team Lesnar) vs. Shamar Baily (Team Dos Santos)
Fight #3 – Chuck O’Neil (Team Lesnar) vs. Zach Davis (Team Dos Santos)
Fight #4 – Tony Ferguson (Team Lesnar) vs. Ryan McGillivray (Team Dos Santos)

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