TUF 14 Episode 9 Recap: Bisping Falls down & goes Boom


Things are getting down to the end for season 14 of the Ultimate Fighter. The TUF 14 finale is just two and a half weeks away and either TJ Dillashaw or Dustin Pague will be punching their tickets to the December 3rd finale tonight.

Things open up with team Miller riding in a van and Dustin Pague handing a less fortunate soul they pass on the way to the gym each day a bag full of goodies.

Jason Miller and crew arrive at the fighter’s house for a BBQ and as the guys sit and talk the conversation somehow turn to Dustin Pague eating bugs. Next things you know they are collecting bugs in the backyard for their own little game of Fear Factor. A cockroach, potato bug and whatever else they could find went into an empty Gatorade bottle and eventually into Dustin’s belly. The fighters got a kick out of it and Dustin made $60 off it from Miller.

Time for the coach’s challenge: Air Hockey

The winning coach will receive $10k and each of the fighters on his team will score $1500. Best of fives games with the first person to score seven goals win the game.

Game one goes to Bisping (7-1) as does game two (7-4) but Miller mounts a small comeback to win game three (7-5). Bisping halts the comeback by winning the fourth game (7-4) and collecting the cash. Bisping celebrates by jumping on the table and getting in Millers face but Karma rears its head as Bisping dismounts off the table onto his ass.

Fight Time: TJ Dillashaw (Team Bisping) vs. Dustin Pague (Team Miller)

Round one: Less than a minute in TJ gets the fight to the ground. As Dustin looks for submission from the bottom, TJ is finding openings to drop the ground and pound. TJ completely takes control and is landing heavy ground and pound while blanketing Dustin. With just 30 seconds left Dustin finally gets up and lands a massive knee before the round ends.

Round two: The round opens with a flurry from the two before TJ takes Dustin down once again. He moves to side control and really does nothing for 90 seconds. After his little rest TJ lands minimal ground and pound and is completely blanketing his opponent. Dustin is staying active from the bottom but can’t get free; he does though cut TJ with some elbows from his back.

Round three: Some really good striking from TJ opens up a cut above the left eye of Dustin and takes the fight down once again. The rest of the round is exactly the same as rounds one and two, Dustin on his back with TJ in full control.

TJ Dillashaw advances to the bantamweight finals with a Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-26)

The last two semifinal bout will take place next week.

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