Maximum Fighting Championship 30: Up Close and Personal Results

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From the small confines of the Mayfield Inn Trade and Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada the Maximum Fighting Championship held its 3oth event. Putting on fights in Canada for nearly 10 years, the president of MFC Mark Pavelich announced a new five-year deal with HDNet to continue airing MFC events.

With the exception of the scoring fopaux in the Curtis Demarce vs. Robert Washington bout, MFC 30 was an entertaining success. The promotion will return to HDNet for MFC 31 later this year, sometime in September.

Here are the results from all of tonight televised action of Maximum Fighting Championship 30.

185 lbs.: Andreas Spang vs. Cody Krahn

Quick double leg takedown by Krahn ends up put himself in a deep guillotine that almost ends the fight. Krahn gets out but puts his head/neck in danger again and cannot get out of the guillotine this time. Andreas Spang by 1st rd. Submission (guillotine)

155 lbs.: Curtis Demarce vs. Robert Washington

Washington comes out on fire right as the two touch gloves with quick hands until the two clinch. Late takedown from Washington softens up Demarce and seals the first round for Washington.

Round two opens with Demarce briefly dropping Washington with a right hand though he didn’t follow it up. After being stuffed twice for a takedown, Washington picks up Demarce and slams him down at the rounds halfway point. Demarce is landing several elbows from the bottom as Washington isn’t doing much. Washington keeps the fight on the ground and gets himself into half guard, staying there for the final minute.

Final round and loads of clinching for the first minutes of the round, until Washington gets another takedown with only two minutes left in the fight. Demarce gets up with a minute left yet gets taken down right away and the fight ends. Robert Washington wins by Split Decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28) huh…. Just minutes later the commission over turned the ruling as the 30-27 was supposed to be for Demarce, who now is the winner by Split Decision.

170 lbs.: Dhiego Lima vs. Jamie Toney

Toney comes out using a lot of kicks, following them with an overhand right. Clean uppercut from Toney forces Lima to clinch to recover from the shot. Lima drops Toney with a knee and dag dolls him to the ground, dropping hammerfists until Toney goes out. Dhiego Lima by 1st rd TKO

165 lbs.: Thomas Denny vs. Sheldon Westcott

Westcott gets the early takedown right into high guard looking to finish the fight fast. Westcott moves to side control and begins to rain down several elbows until Denny rolls, giving his back. Westcott doesn’t look to take the back and Denny rolls again to his back getting back into half guard. Ref stops the fight to warn Westcott after multiple shots to the back of the head. Westcott takes Denny down again but Denny reverses to top position as the round ends.

Denny lands a superman punch then backs out to avoid the strikes of Westcott. Denny goes for a guillotine but Westcott gets out and is now on top of Denny. Westcott unable to do much as Denny is holding on hoping for the stand up. He doesn’t get it and the rest of the round is spent with Westcott on top.

Denny lands a good counter right to open the round and will need to do more of that if he wants to win. Once again Westcott gets another takedown but hits him in the back of the head and gets a point taken away from him. Fight restart and the two come out throwing bombs. Denny gets rocked and Westcott throws him down, goes for a choke and gets reversed. Westcott regains his position and almost gets a side choke but the round end with Westcott dominating. Sheldon Westcott by U.D. (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)

170 lbs.: Marcus Davis vs. Pete Spratt

Davis has now won two in a row

Davis comes out more active with Spratt lying back throwing the occasional low kick. Spratt lands a loud body shot on Davis, then eats a knee from the “Irish hand grenade” that barely misses from being a fight stopper. Round comes to an end and Spratt has a small cut under his right eye.

Davis catches a kick from Spratt and gets a takedown but Davis is unable to keep it there for long. Following a long clinch, Davis catches a kick again and takes Spratt down for the second time. Keeping Spratt on the canvas this time Davis lands some good elbows that Spratt wants no part of, so he gets up. They don’t stand long as Davis gets his third takedown of the round and stays in that position for the remainder of the round.

The fighters hug it out to open the round. Davis drops Spratt with a right as Spratt was throwing a kick. In the clinch the fighters are jocking for position but not doing too much. When they separate, Davis lands another good knee and Spratt lands a hard right jab. Under a minute to go and the two are in the clinch until they break with 15 seconds left for a few closing shots. Marcus Davis by U.D. (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

155 lbs.: Drew Fickett vs. Brian Cobb

Cobb just misses win a big head kick that glances off the top of Fickett’s head. Fickett gets a takedown but goes for a pass and gets out of position which allows Cobb to get up. Cobb misses with a punch and Fickett takes his back and climbs his back and locks in the hooks. Fight goes to the ground and Fickett gets the body triangle, looking for a rear naked choke with over three minutes left in the round. Cobb defending it and with 30 seconds left he is able to spin and gain top position. Wasting no time Cobb begins to throw everything he’s got and with only 18 seconds left enough land and the referee stops the fight. Brian Cobb by 1st rd TKO


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  1. Humbly Opining says:

    MFC = Mediocre Fight Camerawork
    MFC = Mediocre Fighers Competing

    As an AVID MMA fan and student, I just HAVE to say this. The MFC certainly pulls together contests that I get excited to watch. Then however, they launch the event using a camera and production crew from “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” gameshow. Someone needs to tell them that in MMA, fight action begins at the bell. In an obvious attempt to create an exciting view they start EVERY match with the full wideshot of the stadium and then zoom in until the cutaway shot to the up close fight. Problem is that this often causes the viewer to miss many of the initial power-salvos being thrown. Worse is the way they just don’t seem to understand how to choose the angle where the ref ISN’T standing in the way. It’s VERY frustrating.

    I won’t even comment this time on the dominance of ‘lay and pray’ fights on nearly EVERY card. I want more competition for Zuffa, so I hope these guys figure it out.

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