Fight to get into the House: TUF Live Preliminary Round Live Results

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The 32 lightweights learned just two days ago who they would be fighting tonight when The Ultimate Fighter’s 15th season kicks-off LIVE on FX. The latest season will open with a two and a half hour special where all 32 fighters will step into the Octagon and the victorious ones will make it into the TUF house.

Once inside the house the fighters will be broken up into either “Team Cruz” or “Team Faber” and the 16 will be reduced to just 2, who’ll complete for the six-figure UFC contract and forever be known as “Ultimate fighter Winner”.

It all starts tonight at 9pm ET/PT (tape delayed on the west coast) on FX with 16 fights. Each fight will be just one round, so make it count! Whether you can watch it live or not, follow all the action right here for results and recaps.

The 32 lightweight fighters who fight tonight includes:

Akbarh Arreloa, Al Iaquinta, Ali Maclean, Andy Ogle, Austin Lyons, Brendan Weafer, Chris Tickle, Cody Pfister, Cristiano Marcello, Chase Hackett, Chris Saunders, Dakota Cochrane, Daron Cruickshank, Drew Dober, Erin Beach, James Krause, James Vick, Jared Carlsten, Jeff Smith, Jeremy Larsen, Joe Proctor, John Cofer, Johnavan Vistante, Jon Tuck, Jordan Rinaldi, Justin Lawrence, Mark Glover, Michael Chiesa, Myles Jury, Mike Rio, Sam Sicilia, Vinc Pichel

Fight #1:  Joe Proctor vs. Jordan Rinaldi – Proctor wins via Guillotine (2:08)

  • Joe Proctor landed the better of the strikes early on, locked in a standing guillotine and finished the fight.

Fight #2: Cristiano Marcello vs. Jared Carlsten – Marcello wins via Rear Naked Choke (2:43)

  • Marcello got the takedown less than a minute into the fight, right into mount. Marcello dropping ground and pound, Carlsten gives up his back and Marcello chokes him out.

Fight #3: Erin Beach vs. Sam Sicilia -Sicilia wins via KO (0:08)

  • Well one punch and the fight was over!

Fight #4: Austin Lyons vs. Chris Tickle - Tickle wins via KO (0:24)

  • Tickle comes out throwing and land a combo that drops Lyons and ends the fight.

Fight #5: Brendan Weafer vs. Andy Ogle – Ogle wins via Decision (10-9, 10-9, 10-9)

  • Ogle gets a quick takedown, moves Weafer over to the cage but doesn’t do anything and gets caught in a triangle attempt. Stuck in the triangle that’s not really there, Ogle continues landing left hands until stood up with thirty seconds left.

Fight #6: Vinc Pichel vs. Cody Pfister – Pichel wins via Rear naked Choke (3:39)

  • Pfister gets the takedown but Pichel has a very active guard and eventually ends up on top. Pfister gets back up and right away takes Pichel down but he stands up and Pfister moves to his back. Take didn’t work and Pichel ended back on top and landed a nasty left elbow that cut open Pfister and opened up the rear naked choke.

Fight #7: Mark Glover vs. John Cofer – Cofer wins via Decision (10-9, 10-9, 10-9)

  • From the clinch Cofer lands some good knees and elbows, after they separate though Cofer gets a takedown. Glover gets up and the two trade shot back and forth but Glover goes for a Guillotine and loses position, ending up on the bottom. Glover does get up but as the fight nears its end he gets taken down again.

Fight #8: Chase Hackett vs. Chris Saunders – Saunders wins via Decision (10-9, 10-9, 10-9)

  • Saunders slips and Hackett takes him to the ground but they scramble and Hackett ends up in a Guillotine. He gets out and the two look gassed out from it. Hackett really didn’t do much and ends up in another Guillotine before the round ends.

Fight #9: James Vick vs. Dakota Cochrane – Vick wins via decision (9-10, 10-9, 10-9)

  • Cochrane comes out fast, gets in close against the much taller Vick and puts him on the cage. Cochrane is working so hard for the takedown that he is not doing much offensively, this one is going to be tough to score.

Fight #10: Johnavan Vistante vs. Michael Chiesa – Chiesa wins via Submission (2:05)

  • Chiesa scores fast takedown, pushes Vistante to the cage and takes his back. Took a while but Chiesa finally gets the his arm in there and the submission.

Fight #11: Mike Rio vs. Ali Maclean – Rio wins via Rear Naked Choke (3:32)

  • They open up toe to toe landing big shot, but Rio decides to take the fight down. Rio moves to the back and when Maclean try’s to get up he slams him right back down. From mount Maclean gives up his back and Rio locks in the rear naked choke.

Fight #12:  James Krause vs. Justin Lawrence - Lawrence wins via TKO (1:25)

  • Lawrence opened with kicks from all over the place that put Krause in retreat mode. When Krause got inside though Lawrence made him pay.

Fight #13: Drew Dober vs. Daron Cruickshank – Cruickshank wins via Decision (10-9, 10-9, 10-9)

  • Cruickshank breaks from the clinch to unleash an onslaught of strikes and finishes it off with a takedown. Dober gets up though and looks for a takedown of his own, but its stuffed by Cruickshank who shows his a wrestler too. Dober is a tough guy but Cruickshank gets another takedown before the fight comes to an end.

Fight #14: Jeremy Larsen vs. Jeff Smith – Larsen wins via Decision (10-9, 10-9, 10-9)

  • Larsen gets cut right away and taken down. He gets back up and even takes Smith down before he’s reversed. Larsen gets another takedown but ends up in a kneebar and almost taps out. Larsen survives the submission and finishes the fight on top.

Fight #15: Jon Tuck vs. Al Iaquinta – Iaquinta by Decision (10-9, 10-9, 10-9)

  • Tuck gets Iaquinta in an triangle choke right away but Iaquinta stays calm and gets out of it. After the early grappling its all striking, with Iaquinta getting the better of the exchanges. Tuck has his toe broke and pointing straight up in the air and keeps fighting and even kicking.

Fight #16: Akbarh Arreloa vs. Myles Jury – Jury wins via Decision (10-9, 10-9, 10-9)

  • Jury puts Arreloa down right away and punches him against the cage dropping ground and pound. On two occasions the Referee stood them up and Jury would just get another takedown. This fight was all Jury.

Welcome to the Ultimate Fighter: Live Fighters

Joe Proctor, Cristiano Marcello, Sam Sicilia, Chris Tickle, Andy Ogle, Vinc Pichel, John Cofer, Chris Saunders, James Vick, Michael Chiesa, Mike Rio, Justin Lawrence, Daron Cruickshank, Jeremy Larsen, Al Iaquinta, Myles Jury

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