MMA: Highlighting March of 2012

Rick Hawn

The long break between UFC events is nearly over and the lull of March will soon return to jam-packed MMA action. Even with the long break, the month was carried primarily by Bellator who delivered some great outcomes.

The month of March featured only one UFC event at the beginning of the month before turning things over to the start of Bellator’s sixth season. The final four Fridays of the month were owned by Bellator, even though the UFC introduced TUF: Live, which also aired on Friday nights.

March might have been missing the weekly UFC mega event but the month wasn’t lacking in highlights.

Basic math gone foul as flyweights Demetrious Johnson and Ian McCall go the distance at UFC on FX (3/3/12).

The second flyweight bout in UFC history was a grueling 15 minute battle that started out in Demetrious Johnson’s favor but ended being all Ian McCall. The two went right at each other every second of the fight and showed everyone what the new division in the UFC could bring to the table. After the scores were tabulated (sort of) the fight was ruled a majority decision win (29–28, 28–29, 29–28) for Johnson. The problem with that was someone added wrong and it was supposed to be a majority draw (29–28 Johnson, 29–29, 28–28), which should have sent the fight into a sudden death fourth round. Better late than never though and the deal score was added correctly shortly after the fight and the two will now face each other at UFC on FX on June 8th.

Joe Warren takes WAY too much punishment from Pat Curran at Bellator 60 (3/9/12).

Making his first defense of his Bellator featherweight title, Joe Warren looked to rebound from the brutal knockout he suffered against Alexis Vila. That didn’t happen at all as Pat Curran gave Warren an even worse beating, with help from the referee. Curran hurt the champ with a knee and unleashed a barrage of strikes that had Warren out on his feet, with only the cage there to keep him up. With the lights clearly out on Warren the referee let the punishment go on for too long and once the fight was finally waved off, Warren laid there on the canvas for a frighteningly long time.

Brian Rogers nearly removes Vitor Vianna’s head from his shoulders with a flying knee at Bellator 61 (3/16/12)

Brian Rogers and Vitor Vianna looked to make another tournament run as they faced off in the middleweight quarterfinal round. The two were putting on a solid opening round before the always explosive Rogers launched himself into the air, planting his knee viciously on the chin of Vianna to end his night and tournament just 4:14 into the fight.

Lloyd Woodard burst onto the scene by almost ripping off Patricky Freire’s arm at Bellator 62 (3/23/12)

The two ended up headlining the Bellator 62 event and put on a great opening round that looked more rockem sockem robots then Mixed Martial Artists. They continued throwing everything they had at each other in round two where Woodard would stun Freire with a knee and the fight went to the canvas. From there Woodard locked on a kimura but Freire would not tap to until his arm was going the wrong direction and on its way to being dismembered at 1:46 of round 2.

Rick Hawn drops to lightweight and puts everyone in the tournament on notice after knocking out Ricardo Tirloni at Bellator 62 (3/23/12)

The Olympian Rick Hawn made it to the finals of the season 4 welterweight tournament but lost to Jay Hieron to a razor-thin decision. He moved drown in weight to compete in the lightweight tournament and welcomed Bellator newcomer Ricardo Tirloni with a quick knockout, show his welterweight power at the lightweight division. With the first round KO, Hawn advanced to the semifinals and will take on Lloyd Woodard at Bellator 66.

Karl Amoussou goes wild on Chris Lozano in the opening round of the welterweight tournament at Bellator 63 (3/30/12)

Making his welterweight debut, Karl Amoussou showed his “psycho” side by dismantling and making quick work of tournament veteran Chris Lozano. Amoussou was winning the stand-up and when the fight hit the canvas he dominated there and secured a rear naked choke just 2:05 of the first round.

All this action and this was a slow month….. bring on April!

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