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Rafael Cavalcante gets revenge and possible title shot

| May 20, 2012 | 5:15 pm | Reply

Last night’s Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix may have been the best main cards in the promotions history with two epic headlines that preceded two quick ending opening bouts. In the second bout of the night’s main card, Rafael Cavalcante impressed many with his revenge served ice-cold approach to his Mike Kyle rematch.

Mike Kyle rushed in on the opening bell, attempting to throw off Cavalcante but was met with a well-timed and placed overhand right, stunning him momentarily. Cavalcante followed up with a huge knee that sent Kyle crashing to the fence with his neck exposed for a quick submission to be applied. Only 25 seconds into the first round Cavalcante had Kyle battered in a deep submission with little other options than to tap. In a last gasp attempt, Kyle slammed Cavalcante down but that only made the choke deeper and the official time of the bout was just 33 seconds into the first round.

The win erased Cavalcante’s previous second round knockout loss to Kyle and sets him up now to challenge for the vacant light heavyweight belt. Gregard Mousasi, who is healing from a serious knee injury, is the logical opponent to face Cavalcante and his name was mentioned at the post fight press conference.

Cavalcante (12-3) has now won two in a row and five of his last six. Aside for the Kyle loss in his Strikeforce debut, the only other time the former champion has tasted defeat was when he lost the light heavyweight to Dan Henderson in 2011.

With Strikeforce finally set to fill the vacant welterweight title in July that would leave only the 205 lbs. division without a current champion. That void could be finally be filled later this year though once Mousasi gets healed up and Strikeforce can set up Cavalcante vs. Mousasi for the Strikeforce light heavyweight title.

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