UFC 165 Box

Watch UFC 165 Highlights in Super Slow Motion

Fox Sports has always loved their toys when it comes to bringing fans sports through the TV. The addition of the Phantom Cam is one of those toys that fans of the UFC are greatly benefiting from. OK, maybe greatly is a bit of a reach but how can you not enjoy the below Phantom Cam highlight's from this past weekend's UFC 165?
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Stacking up Jon Jones as a PPV Draw

The UFC is betting on Jon Jones becoming the next face of MMA. With Anderson Silva only getting older and GSP openly discussing approaching the end of his career, the UFC needs Jon Jones to be the next face of the MMA. Putting your money behind a young, athletic, well-spoken champion who has dominated his weight class seems like a wise investment.
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The Fight Report: UFC 165

A duel title tilt is a sure way to make me crack open my dusty wallet, and you can be sure DirectTV is getting a little richer at my expense for this Saturday’s UFC 165. The belts on the line are the 205 lb. and 135 lb. honors, as Jon Jones moves closer to breaking Anderson Silva's record-holding titles and Barao looks to ensure his Interim strap becomes the real deal.