Must Have MMA Gear to get you Started


When it comes to today’s choice in fight entertainment, more and more Americans are turning to mixed martial arts. MMA is the fastest growing sport in the United States, combining boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu, karate and all other types of martial arts. MMA requires skill and determination, stamina and fearlessness.

Americans are not only spectators of this sport, they’re contenders. Becoming part of this sport holds a real future for those who can hack it. If competitive combat isn’t for you, training for MMA, like boxing, offers a great workout.  If you are looking to burn a lot of calories and build muscle, MMA is a great exercise to consider.

Of course, before you can actively participate in the sport, you will need to acquire some equipment. MMA gear is an investment in safety as well as performance. Knowing the sport is one aspect of it, being prepared for it is another. With MMA being a striking, kicking, and grappling sport, gear that is made for protecting you from every one of those things is required.

Starting Equipment

Head gear is one of the first pieces of equipment you will want to acquire. Before you become a defensive guru like Lyoto Machida or Frankie Edgar, you will have to take some lumps in training.  Sparring head-gear will absorb these blows, and allow you to assess how best to protect yourself or counter your way out of a predicament. Great head-gear would be the best initial purchase for anyone that wants to venture into MMA style training.

Next on the list would have to be a mouth piece. A quality mouth piece will ensure protection for your teeth. Striking is a big part of MMA, so these two pieces of gear would be the best investment that you could make.

Another must is your MMA boxing gloves. If you have hopes of reaching the striking acumen of guys like Junior Dos Santos or Anderson Silva, having a great pair of gloves is a great place to start. Make sure to find gloves that fit and meet MMA regulations.

An MMA style jiu jitsu gi will have you looking the part of an experienced fighter. To fully protect yourself don’t forget the all important armor cup to ensure yourself that no mishaps occur.

Equipment to Add as You Gain More Experience

Now that you are ready to get started, it is time to add to your collection of MMA gear. Shin instep guards, a much-needed piece of equipment in this genre of fighting, is worth considering. Understanding how to defend against kicks is an art. Protecting yourself while learning the best tactics will help you focus on the mental component of defense and not on how to avoid pain.

Elbow and knee compression sleeves with compact coverage, protection from full contact / impact are another great way to ensure safe training and competition. The more you equip yourself, the more prepared and protected you will be.

Other MMA gear for training and sparring include: belly guards, compression shorts with built-in cups and additional padding, as well as wrist and ankle wraps to protect joints.


MMA gear is one of the most important aspects of participating in a sport like MMA. It is a wonderful sport that can be taken as serious and as far as any other sport that can lead to a real career. Rewarding and exciting, MMA fighters are today’s gladiators. So whether you’re new or familiar with MMA, prepare yourself with functional gear.

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