UFC on Fuel TV 6: Where Do They Go Now?

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UFC on Fuel TV 6, UFC: MacaoThe UFC on Fuel TV 6 had a good turnout despite being aired at five in the morning for West coasters. Though with the glorious invention of the DVR system and the replay later in the day, many were able to catch the fights at a more appropriate time that didn’t interfere with their sleep schedule.

The first UFC card in China started off with a bang, and finished with a bang, literally. With the fights now in the past, the next thing to look forward to is each of the fighters and their future. So let’s play matchmaker and see what fights are next.

Takanori Gomi:

Takanori Gomi was victorious in his fight against Mac Danzig, which moves him up the ladder of the lightweight division. A few opponents that would match up well with Gomi are Jeremy Stephens or Matt Wiman. Both these fighters are talented strikers that would definitely put on a show for the fans. Who knows; with Wiman’s improved jiu jitsu it could definitely be a great grappling match.

Dong Hyun Kim:

Obvious choice is Demian Maia. I am not sure if you guys heard him either but he clearly said “I want Maia.” No translation needed for that. After their first match ended in a freak injury, it makes perfect sense to set that fight up in a few months once both Kim and Maia are healthy and ready to go.

Thiago Silva:

The 205 lbs. division is as stacked as it comes, there are plenty of fights to go around that can make any card exciting with Thiago Silva on it. I think at this point Silva would stack up nicely again Ryan Jimmo, Vinny Magalhaes, or even a rematch with Brandon Vera. Jimmo had a great debut knocking out his opponent in 7 seconds, so why not send him up against another striker that would practically mirror Silva. Vinny Magalhaes also made a great showing in his debut. They practically stand in the same position both trying to climb up the light heavyweight ladder, why not eliminate one less contender in the mean time? Lastly a Brandon Vera rematch would be something that Vera would like and Silva wouldn’t mind taking again. It would justify if Silva truly won or if he only won because of the steroids that he got caught using for that fight.

Rich Franklin:

It seems like an older fighter loses, he needs to retire. That is not the case for Rich. I think Rich has something left in the tank as long as he stays at 185. At 205 the guys are bigger and stronger which would just be bad news for his aging body. The 185 division has better match ups for him that would definitely allow him to make a run back at the title or at least be competitive. I could see Franklin taking on Leben, Munoz, or even Boestch. All great fights for Franklin that could Co-main any card if needed. Rich can bounce back from this loss as long as he takes at least 5 or 6 months off. Hurrying back would be a monumental mistake.

Cung Le:

With this vicious KO, it moves him up into the ladder of the division. Putting him against a top 5 contender? Maybe, but I think it is a little quick. Some good fights for Le would be against Stann, Okami, and maybe Belcher. It might be a little generous about how high he shoots up after his last fight but these match ups would clearly allow fans to see if he is able to make a run against Anderson Silva’s title.

Which ever route Joe Silva and the UFC decides chooses to go with each fighter post UFC on FUEL TV 6, it will definitely be good fights for the fans.

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