Bren Foster Talks Working with Steven Seagal and the growth of MMA

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Bren FosterThis past week the Anchor Bay movie called Maximum Conviction hit store shelves starring Action legend Steven Seagal, former WWE star Steven Austin and Bren Foster. The Australian actor who now lives in Hollywood, California has been training Martial Arts since he was a young boy and holds 1st degree black belts in Hipkido and Hwarang-do, plus a 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Just days after the birth of his second child and first little girl, Bren Foster talked with about the action movie Maximum Conviction, working with the Steve’s (Seagal and Austin) as well as his thoughts on Mixed Martial Arts.

For those that don’t know, Bren Foster has been in such TV series as Sea Patrol and Days of Our Lives as well as movies Bad to the Bone and of course the latest, Maximum Conviction. But before he was acting Foster was learning Martial Arts and competing all over the world.

“I started martial arts when I was 6 years old all the way through high school. I traveled a lot for the national Tae Kwon Do team but at the same time I was doing drama in high school. It always had an appeal to me and I think it that kind of came from Asian Kung Fu movies,” explained Foster.

Maximum Conviction

Steven Seagal and Steve Austin on the cover of Maximum Conviction

Prior to playing Bradley on Maximum Conviction he was Quinn Hudson on the popular soap opera Days of Our Lives. What attracted Foster to Maximum Conviction was the chance to work with Steven Seagal, who not only was the star of the movie but the Producer as well. Foster had been a fan of Seagal and his and his movies since he was a kid and has the utmost respect for his fellow martial artist. Once on set the commanding presence and energy the Akido master brought to the movie was something Foster just could not explain.

As for that “other” Steve, he was the total opposite. “Steve Austin was awesome, so funny and a pleasure to work with,” said Foster.

Away from the TV and movie sets Bren Foster continues to grow as a martial artist. He currently teaches Muay Thai and Kick Boxing at the Hollywood Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy as well as trains Brazilian jiu-jitsu there. Also a fan of Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC, Foster sees the continued growth of the sport as well as the continued evolution of the fighters becoming a complete all-around Mixed Martial Arts.

“They (the fighters) won’t be so segregated, saying this is my style and they will start embracing the other arts. I think the future, the evolution of the Martial Arts is really exciting because I think in about 15 years from now you’re going to see all the guys come up that can do it all and be proficient in all areas. It’s going to bring a huge crowd to MMA because you’re going to get all the envelopes that are at the moment stuck in the traditional pocket where they are going to slowly start moving and embracing everything. In the future you’ll see martial arts as a single family embraced by everybody,” described Foster.

The idea Bren Foster describes is something that is already taking shape in the sport as we’ve seen the one-dimensional fighters retire, making way for the fighters who started not as a boxer or wrestler but as Mixed Martial Artist.

MMA Valor would like to thank Bren Foster for taking the time out of his busy schedule and would also like to remind everyone that Maximum Conviction is now out and available on DVD and Blu-Ray combo pack.

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