XFC 22: Crossing the Line Results and Recap

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XFC 22Building off a solid 2012, Xtreme Fighting Championship started the New Year with tonight’s XFC 22 from the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, NC. The Florida MMA promotion brought six fights to AXS TV, including a lightweight main event to determine the number one contender and next to fight Nick Newell.

Newell won the lightweight title last December at XFC 21 and will make his first title defense against whoever won the XFC 22 main event.

145 lbs.: D’Juan Owens vs. Nate Landwehr: Bad blood made for a less than exciting fight, though not without its flashy moments. Owens was content to throw every kick in the arsenal against Landwehr, but found few landing with any meaning.  Landwehr kept it a bit simpler with combination punching and clinch wrestling, but had issues getting the larger Owens to the mat. While neither fighter came close to finishing the other, Landwehr’s positioning, pressure and solid volleys of strikes seemingly sealed the deal for him. Oddly, the judges all went the opposite direction, bringing a mixed reaction from the crowd.

D’Juan Owens wins via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

125 lbs.: Jimmy Fowler vs. D’Angelo Bynum: An outstanding fight between young prospect Bynum and the older, wiser Fowler panned out to be one of the best bouts of the night. Bynum came into the match with a great deal of hype due to a stellar amateur career, but Fowler wasn’t planning on being a stepping stone, working a slick grappling game whenever fortune favored him. Bynum’s striking and top control were on point the entire fight, but not without moments of danger from Fowler from every position on the mat. As the fight went on, Bynum found himself in less rough spots and gaining the upper hand continuously, leading to a clear-cut victory after three rounds.

D’Angelo Bynum wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

170 lbs.: Josh Eagans vs. Roger Carroll: A rematch from a year prior, Carroll and Eagans both looked to snatch a much needed win. Carroll showed his raw power and deceptive grappling talents in the fight, hustling Eagan’s all over the mat and shutting down his grappling game almost entirely as he set a furious pace. Carroll began really taking over at the end of the first round and had two near submissions, which the last being just shy of coaxing a tap from Eagan’s before the bell sounded.  While Carroll couldn’t get a tap in the first round, he’d done more than a little damage to his opponent’s cardio, as Eagan’s came out looking badly winded. A last ditch takedown by Eagan found him inside Carroll’s triangle and Eagan chose to sleep rather than give Carroll the satisfaction of another submission, yet the result remained the same.

Roger Carroll wins via 2nd Round Submission (triangle)

125 lbs.: Suzie Montero vs. Pearl Gonzalez: A battle of the fairer sex, Montero and Gonzalez’s match was a grueling affair entirely fought on the mat. Gonzalez put the pressure on immediately and worked for a takedown against Montero, whom was more than happy to work his bottom game against the younger fighter. Montero was close to locking on a few submissions and taking the back of her opponent early in the round, but Gonzalez held onto dominant position for the entire round. Moving to side control, Gonzalez transitioned into a straight armbar and managed to get the tap three seconds before the end of the round, gaining her first MMA win.

Pearl Gonzalez wins via 1st Round Submission (armbar)

170 lbs.: Ricky Rainey vs. Joseph Corneroli: Something billed as a striking bout was anything but, as Rainey and Corneroli engaged in a grinding clinch war. Rainey seemed lost as Corneroli used his karate skills to throw awkward kicks and leaping shots, but took the fight back by pushing Corneroli into the cage and working from there. Using non-stop short attacks and the occasionally burst of heavy offense, Rainey took the first two rounds with ease. Corneroli came out hard in the 3rd and badly rocked Rainey with a leaping punch and short elbow, but he couldn’t finish the job, allowing Rainey to resume his clinch grappling for the decision win.

Ricky Rainey wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

155 lbs.: Scott Holtzman vs. Jason Hicks: The XFC number one contender fight was a great scrap between two high-level athletes, and a fine finish to the night. Holtzman came out hard, using his brand of all-offense workmanship, but Hicks was prepared for this, picking his spots with sharp kick attacks and some inventive work off of his back. Holtzman was in control for the majority of the fight, but Hicks was able to hurt him with strikes several times, though never enough to take the fire out of “Hot sauce”.  With a third round capped off by a massive right hand that floored Hicks, Holtzman took the decision win and we’ll see him in the cage against Nick Newell in the near future.

Scott Holtzman wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

XFC 22: Crossing the Line Results and Recap.

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