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Press Release: Power in Honor LLC Acquires Jaco Clothing


(Deerfield Beach, FL) – Jaco Clothing, the athletic apparel brand designed for high performance training disciplines, further solidifies its global position with the announcement of its new ownership structure, Power in Honor LLC and the establishment of a new operating entity, Jaco Athletics LLC.

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As Mixed Martial Arts continues to grow, so do the number of apparel companies looking to get their piece of the pie. What started out as just a few solid brands to choose from has now become a jungle of brands all vying for your money.


GILBERT, ARIZONA – STEP IN, LLC, d.b.a. Step In, is a premier lifestyle apparel brand designed for accomplished athletes in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and action sports who strive for perfection within their sport, life and everyday apparel. This new exciting brand has caught the eye of fighters, fight-event promoters, MMA management agencies, MMA retailers, action sport athletes and consumers world-wide.

Introducing Vindication

MMA Valor would like to introduce our newest sponsor Vindication. An apparel company who view their clothing as works of art where each article of clothing is named, depicting the challenges and triumph of the human spirit. There gear comes in collections like art pieces and can also be bought as a complete collection at a great discount. Vindication shirts are priced at $34.99 & $39.99 depending on the shirt. They are coming out with a new series very soon called “The Hero’s Series” which shirts from all four of the Military designations with some of the proceeds going to a charity of your choice.

Who is Wreckage Clothing

With the boom in MMA the number of apparel companies have gone through the roof. While this is great it’s also unfortunate as many get lost in the shuffle. One of these apparel companies that you might have never heard of but you soon will is Wreckage Clothing out of Los Angeles, Ca. I talked with Chad the owner of Wreckage the other day for a good hour, we talked Wreckage, the MMA Business and life. He was really down to earth and very open with his thoughts and opinions.

Introducing Ultimate Takedown

I’m pleased to introduce the apparel Company out of Denver, Colorado Ultimate Takedown. With a non over the top approach to their gear, Ultimate Takedown features only their logo on their gear. With a logo of a fighter laid out, flat on his back plus an edgy fontit’s hard to argue with the look. Ultimate Takedown includes both men and women’s gear including shorts, shirts, hoodies, sports bra’s and hats. Wearing Ultimate Takedown gear won’t empty your wallet because their prices are very reasonable. Please check out their website and show them your support.