Who is Wreckage Clothing

With the boom in MMA the number of apparel companies have gone through the roof. While this is great it’s also unfortunate as many get lost in the shuffle. One of these apparel companies that you might have never heard of but you soon will is Wreckage Clothing out of Los Angeles, Ca. I talked with Chad the owner of Wreckage the other day for a good hour, we talked Wreckage, the MMA Business and life. He was really down to earth and very open with his thoughts and opinions.

Chad is a father of two little girls and works two full time jobs, Wreckage & his day job. He started Wreckage in early 2008 but didn’t start printing the shirts until July of that year. The name came from a couple brainstorming sessions where Chad had about 5 names, brought that down to only 2 and decided on Wreckage. In just under two years Wreckage has gathered a very strong following not just in the MMA community. That being said Wreckage does not cater their clothing line to just MMA, they also aim at the X-gamers, Surfers, Bikers and Motocross. In fact Wreckage has sponsored athletes from all those sports including MMA fighters Matt Veach & Brian Foster before they made it to the UFC.

Chad doesn’t draw the art himself but comes up with the concepts and works with his artist to make the concept a reality. The wreckage line consists mainly of shirts with 16 different designs, but also include hoodies, Shorts and accessories. Prices are very reasonable with shirts all in the low 20’s and hoodies / shorts in the low 40’s. The shirts are made from 30 single cotton and are 6oz. shirts, so they are thick enough to stand the test of time but still breath well. For their summer line Chad plans on unveiling some premium versions of some shirts that will be thinner (4.3oz.) high quality fabric.

Wreckage website is http://www.wreckageclothing.com and you can get their gear there or you can also buy their shirts at the MMA Valor Store. You can also find them on social networks Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.

Enter the coupon code “wreckage” at our online store for 10% off any Wreckage gear.

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