On Friday, Sandwiched between WEC 52 and UFC 122 the amateur promotion, Tuff-N-Uff held their latest event from The Orleans Hotel & Casino. The event featured the first round of an 8-Woman tournament to crown a 145lbs champion.

On this card, six fighters made their MMA debut and nine fighters came in trying to protect their unbeaten record. If you didn’t get to attend or watch online, here is a recap of the night’s event:

Fight One: 170lbs

Ramon Hernandez (0-0) vs. Jason Mussay (0-0)

- After a few punches thrown, the fight goes to the ground. Hernandez quickly takes Mussay’s back and sinks in a rear naked choke. Mussay refuses to tap and the referee is forced to stop the fight.

Fight Two: 125lbs

Carlo Junio (1-1) vs. Kenny Lawrence (0-1)

- This fight was three rounds of kicking, take downs and not much ground work. After the final bell, the judges scored the fight a unanimous decision for Kenny Lawrence.

Fight Three: 180lbs

Mike Green (0-3) vs. Derek Imig (0-0)

- Green came out strong, landed some good punches and took Imig down. Unfortunately for Green, he fell into Imig’s high guard and quickly found himself in a triangle choke. After some adjusting, Green was forced to tap with less than 30 seconds left in the round.

Fight Four: 160lbs

Brittany Ann Griffin (0-1) vs. Mia L. Hayes (1-0)

- Both girls came out looking hesitant and started to throw some awkward punches. Griffin tried to close the distance and take Hayes down. She made a rookie mistake by leaving her neck out and Hayes quickly snatched it up, securing her second victory by way of standing guillotine.

Fight Five: Heavyweight

Glen Ili (0-1) vs Marlon Williams (0-0)

- The first strike thrown is a leg kick from Ili that takes Williams’ legs out from under him, but he quickly gets back up. From there, a bunch of missed haymakers are thrown before Ili finally lands a clean shot that rocks Williams against the ropes, he stumbles down and Ili finishes him with an uppercut that connects and puts him out cold.

Fight Six: 155lbs

Jimmy Like (0-1) vs Troy Remer (0-0)

- From the way the crowd reacted when Remer came out, you would think he was going to go in and destroy his opponent; however, that was not the case. This may have been the only uneventful fight of the night as Remer did the same thing for all three rounds: took Like down and held on without throwing many punches. Remer easily coasted to a unanimous decision.

Fight Seven: 135lbs

Eddie Velasquez (1-0) vs. Colton Bowler (0-0)

- Bowler was dominating the first two rounds, landing clean strikes and working good knees in the clinch. In the third, Bowler tried to take Velasquez down but left his neck out. Velasquez immediately recognized this, grabbed it and jumped to guard and forced Bowler to tapout.

Fight Eight: 145lbs- First Round of the 8-Woman Tournament

Taylor Stratford (5-0) vs. Shauna Dugger (0-0)

- Stratford came out strong and really worked her jabs and some good combos. Dugger tried to clinch and take her down, but Stratford shrugged her off and secured her own takedown, landing in mount. After some quick ground and pound, Dugger gave up her back and Stratford sunk in a rear naked choke and picked up her sixth win.

Fight Nine: 155lbs

Trace Gray (2-0) vs. Zac Chance (0-1)

- Gray came out aggressive and kept Chance back peddling the whole fight. Not a whole lot of strikes throw, but every time Chance tried to score a takedown, Gray would end up on top throwing punches. After three rounds, the judges scored the fight for Gray by unanimous decision.

Fight Ten: 155lbs

David Jordan (3-0) vs. Jonathon Rodeffer (2-0)

- This fight was definitely the closest fight of the evening. Rodeffer dominated the first round in the clinch, Jordan won the first round with his striking and a big takedown and the final round could’ve gone either way. The judges scored the bout for Jordan by unanimous decision.

Fight Eleven: 160lbs

Nikko Cataline (4-1) vs. Shane Johnson (4-2)

-Cataline dominated Johnson by taking him down at will and landing some punches on the ground. In the third round, Johnson finally stopped one of Cataline’s takedowns and secured a D’Arce choke but couldn’t finish it as the round ended. Cataline takes the fight via unanimous decision.

Fight Twelve: 145lbs First Round of the 8-Woman Tournament

Ronda Rousey (1-0) vs. Autumn Richardson (3-1)

- Rousey, an Olympic medalist in Judo, quickly took Richardson down and started landing punches. Richardson managed to sweep Rousey, but Rousey countered with an armbar and Richardson was forced to tap. In her post-fight interview, Rousey says she hopes to go pro soon and then is coming after Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos and her Strikeforce Championship belt.

Main Event: 185lbs- Fight for Number One Contender to the 185lb Title

Greg Gifford (1-0) vs. Matt Dahlkemper (3-0)

- Not a whole lot happened in this fight; a few good strikes thrown and a couple takedowns. After three rounds, Dahlkmper was awarded the decision and named the next contender for the title.

Notables in the crowd: UFC Lightweight Joe Stephenson, Strikeforce Lightweight Conor Heun, Former UFC Middleweight Marvin Eastman, 2009 Journalist of the Year John Morgan (MMAJunkie.com).

At the end of the night, it was a great overall card. Seven of nine fighters remained undefeated and three of six fighters were victorious in their debut. You can check out the replay of this card for $9.99 at www.gofightlive.tv. The next Tuff-N-Uff card will take place next year or January 7th and features a Wand Fight Team vs. Team 10th Planet fight card.

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