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TUF 12 Recap Episode 10: The Semi Finals Get Set

| November 17, 2010 | Reply

TUF12 recap 10 300x176 TUF 12 Recap Episode 10: The Semi Finals Get SetThe show opens with Sevak setting a booby trap on the sink hose by putting a rubber band around the grip to spray when the water is turned on. Michael Johnson was the lucky one to use the sink first and blames the prank on Alex Caceres; Spencer Paige reacts by saying “Thank god you two are fighting”.

At training sessions Georges St-Pierre wants Kyle Watson to attack Aaron Wilkinson’s weak points, which is the ground game. Watson doesn’t think Wilkinson has knockout power and plans to take the fight down via the clinch game. Josh Koscheck has the same idea, wants Wilkinson to keep the fight standing because he has the better striking.

Fight #1: Kyle Watson (13-6-1) vs. Aaron Wilkinson (6-3)

Watson opens the fight throwing kicks and faking with the shoot for a takedown. Following one of those fakes Watson rushes to the clinch and getting the takedown right away. Watson is not really doing much damage but more looking to advance his position. Watson tries for a crucifix but it allows Wilkinson to escape, though Watson gets his back on the way up and takes him back down. At the halfway point in the round Watson gets mount then moves to the back of Wilkinson, flattens him out while also getting a body lock. Watson sits up with his back to the cage and starts looking for a rear naked choke. Wilkinson is doing what he can to defend it but with 61 seconds left he is forced to tap, just as Koscheck is yelling “don’t you tap”!

Kyle Watson advances to the semi-finals with a 1st round Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

TUF 12 Fact of the day: Team Koscheck has been killed by the Choke (1-Triangle Choke, 2-Guillotine & 5-Rear Naked Choke)

Dana White talking the last quarter finals fight between Michael Johnson and Alex Caceres, thinks it not an easy win for Johnson. Caceres could pull off a submission, has good stand up and wrestling defense……. Oh yeah and a “Great Afro”

World renowned boxing trainer Freddie Roach shows up to work boxing with team GSP. Really have to love the effort St-Pierre has put in by bringing in some of the best in the world to help his guys.

Without a fighter in the last quarter-final match up Koscheck has decided to root for Caceres (sounds like a curse to me).

Fight #2: Michael Johnson (8-4) vs. Alex Caceres (4-2)

The two obviously didn’t touch gloves to start the fight. Johnson lands a good right hand followed by a kick the puts Caceres off-balance, allowing Johnson to clinch and slams Caceres. Johnson seems to let Caceres up and the two exchange strikes until Johnson lands a solid left, causing Caceres mouth piece to go flying. When the fight restarts Johnson comes out throwing bombs, gets the clinch and another slam. Caceres gets up to the clinch and they exchange some knees and dirty boxing. The two separate with just over a minute, Caceres lands a kick but losses his balance and goes to the ground. Johnson showing loose control allows Caceres up once again and the round ends with the two in the clinch. Oh ya and with a cup check on Johnson by a Caceres knee.

Round two starts with Caceres smiling and much more aggressive, which gets him slammed right into side control. Johnson is doing better work on the ground this time landing some elbows and controlling Caceres better. Johnson postures up against the cage and begins to show his ground and pound, Caceres finally works his way up though. Back standing, the two are landing clean shots on each other until Johnson clips Caceres with a right to the jaw that causes him to turtle up. As Johnson goes to take his back, Caceres reverses and gets top control. After a few hammer fists by Caceres, Johnson gets back up and scores another takedown himself. Like a broken record Caceres gets back up with just under a minute left, but just 20 seconds later Johnson slams him and moves to side control as the fight ends.

Michael Johnson advances to the semi-finals with a Unanimous Decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18)

The fight was entertaining, like St-Pierre thought but Koscheck yet again is delusional, saying “WTF were you watching, that fight sucked”. Koscheck can’t even pick the winner when there is two team GSP fighters.

Coaches get together with Dana White to talk semi-final match ups. To the surprise of White they all agree and it’s time to tell the fighters.

Semi-final #1 – Jonathon Brookins vs. Kyle Watson

Semi-final #2 – Nam Phan vs. Michael Johnson

Koscheck ends the show guaranteeing that Nam Phan will beat Michael Johnson………

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