Alright, we’re a day late on the eight ball this week, but it took that much time to explore Randy Couture’s Hall of Fame career.  The eight ball told us last week that Gilbert Melendez just might be the best Lightweight in the world.  This week, I shake it and ask, “Will Randy Couture walk away from the Octagon Forever as a Winner?”  Here’s what it told me.

If you missed the first episode of “Magic Eight Ball, you’re forgiven.  You’re here now, so all is good. This isn’t you daddy’s 8-Ball!  This is the MMA version, so it’s a little different.  Here’s the possible choices and what they mean.  Now, there are like 20 possible vague and often confusing responses on a standard 8 ball.  Not on the MMA 8 Ball.  There are eight and only eight responses.  They are as follows.

Rickson by Armbar – Would Equate To “It is Certain”
Jon Fitch by Unanimous Decision – Would Equate To “Most Likely, but not Certain”
Dana White Drops the F Bomb – Would Equate To “You May Rely on It”
Nick Diaz Interview – Would Equate to “Reply Hazy, Try Again”
Business As Usual – Would Equate to “Ask again later”
Your winner and UFC Champion, James Toney – Would equate to “My reply is No”
Cecil Peoples FTW – Would equate to “My Sources Say No”
Your Tequila Cazadores Spirit Winner Michael Bisping – Would Equate “No Chance, Ever.”

When I first shook up MMA Eight Ball and asked, “Will Randy Couture walk away forever from the Octagon as a Winner?” I dropped it and it landed on my toe.  I should have quit right then, but no; I plowed forward and asked again, the eight ball will now communicate an answer.

To truly understand if Randy will walk away a winner, more than one factor must first be determined.  The first one is; will Randy Couture actually retire, win or lose after his fight at UFC 129?  I shook the eight ball and it retorted, “Business as Usual.” I took that to mean, I should dissect the match at hand, then ask again with more information available.

I shook the eight ball again and asked, “Will Randy Couture defeat Lyoto Machida?”  The eight ball took a moment and the answer surprised me.  It read, “Dana White Drops the F Bomb.” What?  Randy is going to beat Machida?  I was shocked. I immediate investigated for details, here’s what I’ve come up with.

When you look at Randy Couture, and what he must do to defeat Machida, you’d think he’d have to put “The Dragon” against the fence and muscle him with dirty boxing and the intermittent trip takedown.  However, Lyoto, as Goldie will tell you, is elusive, and nobody has ever pinned him against the cage and had their way with him.  So it just doesn’t make sense.

Lyoto is a tremendous fighter, but nearly 60 percent of his career victories, have come by decision.  On the other hand, Randy Couture has only dropped one decision in his career.  That’s pretty shocking.  He’s only lost one decision in his illustrious career.  In a fight that will likely go the distance, Randy holds a HUGE advantage in winning fights that go to the judges.

After that little fact sunk in, another one came to light.  Lyoto Machida has lost two fights in a row.  If he makes that three consecutive, his UFC career could be over.  That could lead to the already defensive fighter becoming exceedingly defensive, against Randy.  It’s an interesting caveat to an already interesting fight.   I think a nervous and defensive Machida makes a very difficult bout for Couture, a little easier.  Advantage, “The Natural.”

Randy Couture has been very solid against the Light Heavyweights.  Randy has only lost to two fighters at 205.  He got pasted two times by Liddell at a time when Liddell was pasting everyone.  He also lost via a inexplicable cut, a fight to Vitor that he immediately avenged that when he defeated Vitor decisively via Doctor Stoppage at the next event.  It’s another factoid that makes Randy look less of an underdog.

I’ve come to the deduction via the eight ball and some research that Randy Couture will in fact defeat Lyoto Machida at UFC 129.  So it strikes me as odd that the eight ball asked to ask again later.  Then it hit me, if the eight ball thinks Randy will win this fight, but not necessarily walk away from the Octagon as a winner, he must not be done fighting after this fight.  So I asked the 8 Ball.  “Is this going to be Randy Couture’s last UFC Fight?” and the Eight ball said, “Cecil Peoples FTW!” Dammit, there you go, Randy will defeat Lyoto Machida, but not retire.

It scares me a little.  If Randy defeats Lyoto, he could get a title shot, and perhaps fight his final fight against Jon Jones.  So I asked the eight ball a hypothetical.  “Could Randy Couture defeat Jon Jones?”  The Eight Ball laughed at me, yes, laughed at me and said, “Your Tequila Cazadores Spirit Winner Michael Bisping”

I sure hope Randy calls it quits after his triumphant performance against Lyoto Machida.

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