Patricio Freire Earns his Rematch with Joe Warren at Bellator 45


In one of the most exciting fights Bellator has put on, Patricio Freire defeated Daniel Straus to rightfully earn a six figure check and a rematch with a champion he arguably beat in their last fight. The fight lasted the full 15 minutes and mixed highly technical grappling, heavy strikes, and clinch work at an elite level. Joe Warren assisted in the fights commentary in an ironic situation knowing he will face the guy who he was talking up the whole time. 

Straus was a game opponent with great Greco control and throws, mixing up take down attempts and reverses of position in every round. Freire was fast to pop up from many on the wrestlers takedowns but Straus managed to take the back a few times. In the third the fight was arguably tied up at one a piece, and Freire and Straus came out swinging for the fences after the initial minute of feeling things out. Near the end of the round Freire threw a combo and a flying knee that missed resulting in an eventual suplex. Obviously in this fight the edge was given for attempted and landed strikes paired with good clinch control and not takedowns with clinch control.

It was a well deserved and hard fought win from Freire, and Straus will be game for next season and is still turning heads with his extreme weight cut to 145. It was quite the memorable fight and defiantly don’t blink when Freire brings it once again to the self proclaimed” baddest man on the planet” Joe Warren next season.

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