The Main Event: Ortiz vs. Griffin 2

ufc106 v31 208x300 The Main Event: Ortiz vs. Griffin 2

In just a few hours the rematch between Tito Ortiz (15-6-1) and Forrest Griffin (16-6) will take place. Their first fight was a classic back and forth battle that Ortiz barely won by split decision. This fight was originally set to be Ortiz vs. Mark Coleman but griffin stepped in when Coleman withdrew from the fight. It was then scheduled as the co-main event behindthe heavyweight title fight between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin. Due to Lesnars illness that fight was moved back and later scrapped so we were left with Ortiz vs. Griffin.

Tito Ortiz has been out of action for 18 months due to a back injury and will be stepping into the cage a new fighter according to him. He claims that he hadn’t been able to train properly for several years until now. So I look to see the old Tito Ortiz back who will shoots for takedowns lighting fast. Ortiz key to this fight is just that get the takedown and pound out Griffin. Forrest Griffin has been knocked out a few times via ground and pound and that’s Tito’s bread and butter.

Forrest Griffin has been in several battles with the top fighters at light heavyweight. Griffen is on a two fight losing streak since he won the title by defeating Rampage Jackson. Though he lost to Rashad Evans and Anderson Silva and there is no shame in losing to those guys. Griffin will look to copy the stratagy he used to win the title against Ortiz, using kicks to keep the distance and wear him down.

I see this fight playing out very similar to their last fight. Neither have real knock out power on their fight but Forrest has power of an arsenal on his fight. Tito Will shoot but Forrest will keep he’s distance to try and limit the take downs. The unknown to me is what Tito Ortiz will we get, the one that fought before the back problem or the one after? This is a hard fight to call for that reason so we shall just have to wait and see.

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