What qualifies as fight of the night?

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Every UFC event concludes with the nightly honors given out for Fight of the Night, Knockout of the Night and Submission of the Night. The latter two are fairly straightforward and usually pretty simple to pick. The Fight of the Night honor is suppose to be awarded to the best fight but that doesn’t always happen.

Saturdays UFC 106 fight of the night award went to the Josh Koscheck vs. Anthony Johnson fight. Several people including myself questioned how a fight with an illegal knee and several eye pokes could get the award. Though I think this fight card really didn’t have a clear-cut fight of the Night candidate. I thought the Ortiz vs. Griffin fight was more worthy of the honor but with the lopsidedness of the third round I can see how it didn’t win.

At times there seems to be a hidden agenda in place for the award. Looking back on the last half dozen events the fight that won the fight of the Night award really wasn’t the best fight. The most glaring one to me is when Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin won Fight of the Night at UFC 101. I’m at a lose as to how a 3 minute one-sided fight could even be considered. Here is a list of the last six UFC’s Fight of the Night winners followed by which I thought deserved it. Let me know what you think

UFC 106

Josh Koscheck vs. Anthony Johnson (2ndrd Sub. win for Koscheck)
» Ortiz vs. Griffin [see above] 

UFC 105

Michael Bisping vs. Denis Kang (2ndrd TKO win for Bisping)
» Wilks vs. Brown might have been a better choice

UFC 104

Pat Berry vs. Antoni Hardonk (2nd rd TKO win for Berry)
» Machida vs. Rua should have won.

UFC 103

Rick Story vs. Brian Foster (2nd rd Sub win for Story)
» UFC got it right here!

UFC 102

Randy Couture vs. Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira
» UFC got it right here!

UFC 101

Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin (1st rd TKO for Silva)
» Any other fight would have been a better call here

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