Death Warrior Movie Review; By The Ryu Samurai

384555_3When a brave MMA fighter from the slums of Argentina is forced into a twisted, illegal fight circuit, Rain (Hector Echavarria) must make the ultimate decision and fight to the death. With the hope of saving himself and the love of his life from a certain and horrific death, he takes on some of the best MMA fighters in the world.  Desperately racing against time, Rain must win a series of deadly tests of skill while trying to uncover the identity of the brains behind the bloodshed. Seeking out the one who betrayed his loyalty and ruthlessly forces him into this most primal form of competition. Only one shall remain. Only one shall become a true Death Warrior. Would you have the courage to fight to the death for love? Would you have the courage to become a death warrior?Death Warrior; a No Holds Barred Movie Review! By Brian “The Ryu Samurai” Anthony

Even though this movie was never released in theaters, I thought it was very well done, as far as “straight to DVD” movies go. All of the action scenes, in my opinion, were very authentic looking. I’ve seen my fair share of action movies, and when you have enough of them, you can tell when fight sequences look unrealistic. I think Death Warrior pulled off some of the most realistic fights scenes I’ve ever seen.  Could it be due to the fact that all of the actors involved are professional fighters? I believe so.

On a final note, this movie was well worth what I paid for it. I definitely would have paid the ticket prices to watch this movie at a theater. I give it 5 out of 5 fists. So, if you’re a die hard MMA fan and you have an extra twenty lying around, go ahead and pick up a copy. With big names like Hector Echavarria, George “Rush” St-Pierre, Keith Jardine, Rashad “Sugar” Evans, and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson; how could you not?

This movie has been rated R for brutal violence, sexuality/nudity, and language.

Written by: Hector Echavarria
Screenplay by: Eamon Glennon
Produced by: Sean Buckley
Directed by: Bill Corcoran
Feature Run Time Approx. 90 Minutes

 - This piece was written by Brain Anthony. If you liked it please click here and follow him on twitter.

Popularity: 49% [?]

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5 Responses to “Death Warrior Movie Review; By The Ryu Samurai”

  1. MC Hammer says:

    Is this guy on drugs? This was the worst movie ever!! Not only was the acting terrible, but the fight scenes were so bad and scripted.

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  3. Paul says:




    5 out of 5? Seriously? What ever your smoking, you under paid for it. I’ve heard more realistic dialog in gonzo porn scenes. The storyline is worse than most Lorenzo Llamas flicks, and the acting is of the lowest caliber there is. I honest to god, could not get past the first non-fight scene. I wanted to watch it so bad, and wanted it to not be the worst action flick ever. But it was.

    Since you gave it a 5 out of 5, I will list 5 things I would rather watch than this flick:
    1. a Roseanne Barr/Tom Arnold sex tape.
    2. a goat being circumcised.
    3. babies being punched in the face with live grenades.
    4. Titanic
    5. Randy Couture vs Brandon Vera, again.

  4. killjoy_ says:

    I’m not smoking anything. I haven’t seen the movie yet and honestly refuse to for the reason of I might lose brain cells while watching. The Ryu Samurai wrote this and he liked the movie. It’s his movie review and he liked it, he might have like Titanic too.

    Thanks for your opinion though

  5. MC Hammer says:

    I liked Titanic. :-X

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