Arizona State BJJ Open recap

Ben Henderson BJJ 300x225 Arizona State BJJ Open recapThis last weekend Arizona held its yearly State Championships for Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu in Mesa Arizona allowing MMA Valor full access to a great event. The first thing I was thinking was that this was going to be a smaller tournament but I was mistaken. There had to be 10-15 schools from across the west coast competing and the High school Auditorium was Jam packed at full capacity.

The event was organized by Gustavo Dantes Jiu-Jitsu Events and the AZBJJF.  There were cash prizes even Televisions and other prizes were given away for different winners. The event had a full staff and was very professionally run, with vendors, food, referees, and a medical staff.

They had kids, women’s, teens, adult divisions, and seniors in which all were broken up by belt and weight. There were also some very notable competitors and coaches prowling the premises all day. Hermes Franca wowed the crowd with a Loop choke against a rival black belt early on in the day. Ben Henderson was competing in the purple belt division, and in open weight. Jesse Forbes was also competing in the purple belt division. Phil Davis was coaching his members who all seemed to be great wrestlers. Overall the whole day was great and the competitors were always trying their best to impress.

Ben Henderson and Hermes Franca took First in their respective weight class divisions they entered.  Ben really impressed me because he always seems to be trying to better himself in the sport. He had very impressive takedowns and always was in good spirits. He had very tough matchups and was in some very tight situations at time but always seemed to tough it out and get the win.

Phil Davis had a very professional attitude and was very focused on his guys that he was coaching. Hermes Franca was conversing with the crowd, he is one of the coolest guys I have ever met and has great passion for Brazilian Jiu – Jitsu.

Gustavo puts on great events and really gives back to the martial arts community here in Arizona. Desert Quest and other tournaments only come a few times a year and he really picks up the slack and keeps the fighting spirit of Arizona alive. With tournaments like this are happening in Arizona the state constantly putting guys into the top organizations / competitions of MMA and BJJ.

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  1. spider says:

    Who’s the 2nd pl guy?…i remember it was a good match

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