Jon Jones Ready for the Best at 205 lbs.

At UFC on Versus Sunday night, Jon Jones dismantled the veteran Vladimir Matyushenko in less than two minutes. The win puts Jones at 5-1 in the UFC, 10-1 overall. Now, Jones has proven himself as a threat to everyone in the light heavyweight division.

Jones is now looking to get his shot at a top contender in the division. A bout between Lyoto Machida and Quinton Jackson is rumored to take place in November and Jones could face the winner of that. Machida and Jackson both make for an explosive fight if they are put up against Jones.

Although Jones looks to be on his way to a championship, another factor will come into play soon that could bring Jones’ title hopes to a halt. Rashad Evans is next up to fight for the UFC Light Heavyweight Title against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. Though the fight isn’t expected to take place until 2011, it still affects Jones, who has publicly stated that he will not fight Evans, his good friend and training partner. Should Evans defeat Rua, Jones will be at a dead end, with his friend as the champion and no more top contenders to fight. Despite being teammates, Jones might want to cheer for Rua that night to avoid anyone preventing him from becoming the champion.

There are a number of exciting matchups for Jones so it will be interesting to see whom the UFC reaches out for next.

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2 Responses to Jon Jones Ready for the Best at 205 lbs.

  1. Justin says:

    If Shogun is 100% in the fight, i don’t see Rashad beating him. Still, Jones may end up having to fight a friend during his MMA career. While I do think that as he ages he will realize the politics of MMA, (not a slam on MMA, just the way things work) it would benefit him to not close any doors by saying who he will and will not fight. At least before he’s made it to a point where the people he’s refusing to fight are because they are up-and-comers not worthy of a match with him yet. He’s made it easy for Rashad, because as long as Jones is the one saying he won’t fight, Rashad doesn’t have to have an opinion. I don’t know him personally, but I’d be willing to bet that if Jones stood in Rashad’s way of a title fight, it would happen.

  2. Joshua Wood says:

    Damn solid points man. I don’t think any fighter should say I will never fight “insert name here” because you just never know. Rashad is loving the fact that Jones has said that, he wants no part of that striking. Probably give him flashbacks to getting his lights turned out by Machida!
    Please leave a comment anytime man, good stuff.

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