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Five Questions Heading Into UFC 118

| August 26, 2010 | Reply

UFC118 Five Questions Heading Into UFC 118Now less than 48 hours away from the highly anticipated UFC 118 and there are a few questions that will look to be answered in Boston. Every event has questions leading into the nights fights, but with several high-profile names on the card, UFC 118 is a little different. With such names as Randy Couture, BJ Penn and James Toney how could it not be though?

There will obviously be more than five questions but five seem to stand above the rest, here are those five:

Can James Toney walk the walk, or is he all talk?

We know he can talk the talk, but can the highly decorated boxer back up that talk within the cage is what’s on everyone mind. Toney comes into UFC 118 and his MMA debut as the great unknown. We know he can box and hits really hard, but other than that its nothing but question marks.   

Was Frankie Edgars win at UFC 112 a fluke?

His first fight with BJ Penn was close, but many though Penn won and that Edgars performance just was a fluke. Edgars doesn’t think it was and the best way to prove all the haters wrong is by defeating “the prodigy” again.

What’s next for BJ Penn if he loses again?

Penn has only lost two in a row one other time and that was at welterweight over 4 years ago. Should he lose again Saturday what will be next for him. Does he climb back up the ladder at lightweight, move up to welterweight or hang them up and retire.

Does Kenny Florian earn himself yet another title shot?

Having two title fights on your resume is a good thing right, well not when you’re 0-2 in them. But if Florian defeats Gray Maynard Saturday he’ll earn one more shot at the belt.

Will Gray Maynard finally get his UFC title shot?

Maynard has been passed over a few times before for more entertaining matchups, but should he win Saturday he’ll finally get his shot.

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