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Anthony “Showtime” Pettis is one of the most well-known WEC fighters to ever hit the blue cage after his great 2010 year where he starred on a MTV reality show and also landed a highlight reel kick in the final minutes of the WEC promotion.  ESPN and the good majority of Mega sports sites had a short clip of that kick for a few days after that fight and is still the first thing that comes to mind when Team Rufus and Pettis are brought into the fans conversation. 

Pettis is scheduled to meet Clay Guida in a lightweight title elimination fight that will headline a stacked Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale fight card. We recently asked Pettis several questions that were submitted by the fans and now bring them to you for a closer look inside the mind of “Showtime.”

What are the fans supposed to expect when two of the most off the wall (or cage) fighters meet in the octagon?

Fight of the year!!!

What are you most worried about when facing a guy like Guida?

His awkward style, he is very well conditioned also. But I am prepared.

Are you still in contact with Andrew Jenks, and if so is he still is a positive figure in your life?

Yes! I am still in contact with Jenks regularly; we will be friends for life. He’s a great guy.

Since you feel Frankie Edgar won, would you prefer to fight him after Guida rather than Gray Maynard?

I just want 2 fight for the title at this point I don’t care if it’s Maynard or Edgar!

When you started training with Duke Rufous, what did he help you improve the most or do you feel he just fine tuned your striking?

The thing Duke helped me the most with was not trying to turn me into a kick boxer but instead just letting me be myself and making all my strikes effective for MMA. He’s been a huge help in all aspects of my game.

Who do you think, besides yourself, is the best p4p fighter in the world and why?

Jose Aldo first comes to mind because he is dangerous everywhere and still young. He is a great fighter.

Is there a fighter you idolize or look up to?

Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva, definitely those two fighters.

How do you think you will match up against the UFC lightweights and would you ever consider fighting at two weight classes?

I feel I will match up great in the lightweight division and as of right now I am focused on capturing the UFC lightweight title. I’m going to continue to work hard until I get it.

How do you want to be best remembered, for your pettis-kick or some other part of your fighting ability?

I want to be remembered as the guy who evolved the MMA game!

Do you feel more pressure fighting in the UFC?

Not at all I’m ready to fight in the UFC!

How has your life changed as a local celebrity, do you ever get stopped at unexpected times, any good fan stories?

Life has changed a lot for me over the last year or so, and yes I get Stopped all the time but its great! Once I was stopped at the gas station by a group of kids in high school, they wanted to take a picture with me and one of them pointed out that they all had the same haircut and facial hair as me. I thought it was pretty funny.

Looking back on the WEC would you have it any other way? Would you have liked to stay and rein champion for a few more WEC’s or is the UFC a proper home for your skill set?

The WEC was great it made me who I am, but now I’m ready to prove that I am the best lightweight in the world!

What are your thoughts on Strike force’s HW tournament?

I think the tournament is cool; I am a fan of all the fighters involved. I’m excited to see the outcome.

Do you feel you are a mentor to Danny Downes? How is the gym relationship between you and all of the fighters in the house?

I don’t think I’m a mentor to Downes; the guy is very smart and has a ton of skill. More like friends and we push each other to get better.

What is your diet like, is it a big cut to 155? What do you usually eat after the weigh-in and before the fight?

I have a strict diet thanks to Mary with Rudog nutrition. My weight cut isn’t bad at all. I usually eat clean after weigh-in and before the fight because I don’t like to feel sluggish in the cage.

What was your take after the Penn vs. Fitch fight? Would you have any interest in fighting either of those fighters?

I think they are both very skilled fighters and people who have pushed the sport forward greatly. If they are in my weight class then I would definitely have interest in fighting either of them.

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