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One Week after UFC 149, Where does Urijah Faber go Next?

In a storied career that has lasted longer than most, the leader of Team Alpha Male Urijah Faber is now facing a question he likely never thought he would. What’s next?

After his recent loss to Renan Barao for the UFC’s interim bantamweight title, his fifth straight loss in a title bout, many wondered if the California Kid had finally hit a plateau. A day after the bout Faber admitted that Barao broke one of his ribs and that hindered his performance the rest of the five-round fight.

The always-positive Urijah Faber was disputing the doubters that had begun to question his ability and his heart. This wasn’t Faber’s first loss nor was it his most disappointing, but there were now doubters who questioned if his career at bantamweight was over. With the new flyweight division, people even wondered if he’d be better off at 125 pounds or even try his hand back at the 145lb featherweight division.

For Faber, a move in either direction would not warrant any serious thought. For one, he would have to fight his way to another title shot. Possibly needing three or four wins in that division to gain considerate in the title talk. Also, he would likely have to fight one of his T.A.M. teammates as Chad Mendes is a top featherweight and Joseph Benavidez is fighting for the flyweight title.

The members of Team Alpha Male have always been against fighting one another and a move for Faber to either division would have to include a fight with Mendes or Benavidez.

UFC13200036 300x200 One Week after UFC 149, Where does Urijah Faber go Next?

Diminick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber at UFC 132

Secondly, Faber is still considered a top contender in a no longer deep bantamweight division. Of course, he will have to wait his turn but he is still likely one or two wins away from another title shot. And, not to mention, the UFC is possibly salivating at the thought of a Faber vs. Dominick Cruz III or even a rematch of Faber vs. Barao.

Whatever is next for Urijah Faber, he’s done enough for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and the lighter weight divisions that his future should be left up to him and not the so-called experts. Wherever the California Kid ends up, he’ll have the backing and support of thousands of fans and supporters.

The best way to end this discussion on Faber’s future is a quote from the man himself;

For me, the worst part of losing has nothing to do with my win-loss record or my status in the sport or how it might affect my future. The worst part of losing is thinking about all the people who follow me and help me and lose right along with me. – Urijah Faber

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