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Stephan Bonnar is Anderson Silva’s True Test at 205

| October 10, 2012 | Reply

Anderson Silva UFC134 poster 271x200 Stephan Bonnar is Anderson Silva’s True Test at 205Anderson Silva is arguably the best Pound 4 Pound fighter on the planet at this moment. His reign at middleweight is equivalent to what Fedor Emelianenko had accomplished in his pride days in the 2000’s. Even his few stints at light heavyweight have been impressive finishing; both wins were knockouts which totaled up to 4:24 mins inside the octagon. Even at the age of 37, there is no stopping the man they call The Spider.

The question that everyone is asking seems to be, “Will Stephan Bonnar shock the world?” It is highly unlikely but a possibility none the less. Bonnar is a much more suitable opponent for Anderson Silva at light heavyweight. Not to discredit what Forrest Griffin and James Irvin have done in their career, but Bonnar is going to keep coming forward, no matter what Silva throws at him. It’s a matter of how long he can survive, and if Bonnar will have anything to offer the middleweight champion in return.

James Irvin was a guy who was no more than a middle tier contender and had one-trick up his sleeve, while Forrest Griffin didn’t have the chin or the speed to endure the shots that were landed on him. Bonnar on the other hand has the chin to take the shots Anderson Silva will throw at him, and the heart and determination to keep coming forward and push the pace of the fight. People are forgetting that he has fought three former World Champions and one current champion in Jon Jones. All his losses went to a decision and on technicality, his one TKO loss was due to cuts in the fight.

And with Anderson Silva, well, his resume would take a lot longer than this article to write, so let’s just say that he is really good at what he does. It’s an intriguing match-up and a lot closer than people think it will be. Only one way to find out what happens and that’s watch what happens in the UFC 153 main event between Anderson Silva and Stephan Bonnar.

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