Legacy Fighting Championship 19 Results and Main Card Recap

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Legacy Fighting Championship 19No Bellator this week, no problem because Legacy Fighting Championship 19 was there tonight to fill you MMA fix and tide you over until tomorrow’s UFC. The night featured some up and coming prospects along with a flyweight title fight in the main event.

The Legacy Fighting Championship 19 main card aired live on ASX TV while the preliminary card went unaired. Here is a recap of the night’s main card as well as the preliminary results.

Kevin Aguilar vs. Hunter Tucker: A fight of undefeated combatants kicked off the night, and it didn’t take long to see why both men were unblemished. Tight striking was shown by both men, with Aguilar using rapid combination work against Tucker’s single, accurate power shots. It was the mat game that decided this one however, with Tucker out-powering Aguilar in the clinch and hitting a takedown into guard. Aguilar wasted no time at all, sneaking a leg over the top and locking on an armbar that Tucker relented to after much grimacing, giving Aguilar another highlight win.

Kevin Aguilar wins via 1st Round Submission (armbar)

Rey Trujillo vs. Chris Jones: Two power first fighters made for an explosive bout as the journeyman Rey Trujillo took on rising prospect Chris Jones. Both fighters are known as heavy sluggers, yet the majority of the fight took place in the clinch as Jones muscled Trujillo around with superior technique.  Throwing up high knees and jocking on the fence, Jones looked to be in control, but a mistake on a standing guillotine saw him swept from his feet and Trujillo landing in top half guard.  From there, Trujillo calmly worked from top with strikes, and with a volley of left hands, put Jones out with ground and pound for the win.

Rey Trujillo wins via 1st Round KO (ground and pound)

Steven Peterson vs. George Pacurariu: Peterson came into this fight looking to gain some fans after his two bouts with Hobar, yet gained nothing but a headache courtesy of George Pacurariu. The fleet-footed karateka was all over the place early in the fight; the taller Peterson stalling him around the cage and looking to line up his shots. You can’t hit what isn’t there however, as Pacurariu flashed in with stiff leg kicks and winging punches that found the mark over and over. As the round went on and Peterson’s face looked worse and worse, Pacurariu landed a looping right that launched Peterson face down into the canvas. A definitive end and fantastic performance by the Kenpo master.

George Pacurariu wins via 1st Round KO (punch)

Nelson Salas vs. Matt Hobar: A grueling fight that showed the best of both fighters, Hobar and Salas tangled on the mat for the entire three round match. Slick wrestling and submission work were Hobar’s bread and butter here, hitting takedowns and working finishes from top and bottom position.  However, Salas wasn’t to be played so easily, powering out of every armbar and triangle Hobar tried to latch on, and taking the first round with brutal ground and pound. As the fight wore on, Hobar started to take over with his superior technique, staying safe from top while remaining active throughout the match. A belly to back suplex in the 3rd round put an exclamation on Hobar’s performance as he took a hard-fought and well-earned decision.

Matt Hobar wins via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-29)

DJ Linderman vs. Robert Drysdale: A pivotal fight in both men’s careers as Linderman looked to upset the BJJ wizard Drysdale. Linderman seemed to have the right idea, moving out of danger zones and throwing counter punches against the novice striker in Drysdale, but his plan only worked for so long.  Rushing in with an overhand into a takedown, Drysdale pushed Linderman to the cage and yanked him to the mat, putting the fight into his own world.  Moving through positions and submissions with ease, Linderman tried to stay alive, but simply couldn’t fathom the depth of Drysdale’s skill, succumbing to an RNC shortly after hitting the canvas.

Robert Drysdale wins via 1st Round Submission (RNC)

Din Thomas vs Georgi Karakhanyan: An interesting fight for sure, forgotten MMA contender Din Thomas made a rare appearance, taking on travelling terror Georgi Karakhanyan. Karakhanyan came into this fight with a plan: Reopen a badly healed cut on Thomas and walk with an easy win.  However, the cage savvy Thomas wasn’t going to lose to a technicality, and pulled out every trick in his arsenal against his dangerous opponent. Working a great array of kicks, body shots and submission work, Thomas kept everything interesting, yet Karakhanyan doesn’t lack skills himself and was able to have his way with Thomas for the most part. Savage leg kicks, high-energy jumping attacks, and good old-fashioned wrestling were there for Karakhanyan as he out-pointed Thomas for the decision win.

Georgi Karakhanyan wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

125 lbs. Title Fight: Will Campuzano vs. Allan Nascimento: A wild title fight marred by bad officiating in all directions, Campuzano came out with fire against Nascimento and got fire in return. Both fighters landed heavy punches in the first round, but the match soon became a grappling battle, pitting Campuzano’s patient wrestling style against Nascimento’s transition and submission game.  It became clear that Campuzano was the stronger fighter early on, pulling out of submissions, muscling into superior positions, but rarely being on the offensive. While Nascimento was always working for submissions, Campuzano stayed safe and forced his opponent to burn energy like a mad man to try and sink a fight-ending hold.  As the fight progressed, Campuzano’s cardio seemed to be far better and Nascimento ran out of ideas on the mat, giving away the later rounds. Even an utterly stupid point deduction to Campuzano for a strike to the back of the head couldn’t save Nascimento from the merciless score card in Texas, where folks don’t appear to understand grappling.

Will Campuzano wins via Unanimous Decision (49-45, 48-46, 48-46)

Preliminary Card:

Vernon Lewis defeated James Hall via 1st round TKO (Doctor Stoppage)

Abdullah Lawal defeated Jabari Abduhl-Shakur via Unanimous Decision

Evan Thompson defeated Angelus Raymond McFarlane via Unanimous Decision

Brad Mitchell defeated David Armas via Split Decision

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