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Legacy Fighting Championships 19The pride of Texas, Legacy Fighting Championships 19 is putting on a show full of local and international talent this Friday on AXStv.  We’ve got a title fight for the hotly contested LFC Flyweight title on tap, as well as a co-main featuring two well-known names in the combat sports world. So let’s dig into the action.

125 lbs. Tight Fight: Will Campuzano vs. Allan Nascimento: A former UFC veteran who found new life as a Flyweight, Campuzano has performed beautifully in his quest to be champion.  Using a muay thai style heavy on the power strikes, strong clinch grappling and a swift submission game, Campuzano has iced many Flyweights in this relatively new division.  Having taken out the talented Jimmy Flick to grab the LFC Flyweight title in his last fight, Campuzano will look to keep the dream alive against the very game Allan Nascimento.

An interesting fighter out of the Chute Boxe camp, Allan Nascimento has gone undefeated thus far in his career, and is poised for his first title fight.  A professional grade muay thai fighter, Nascimento is more known in MMA for his lethal bottom game BJJ; Pulling guard to hunt for leg locks and other subs off of his back.  With a seamless fight game and few flaws, Nascimento will look to notch an eighth win and grab the Flyweight title in the process.

This is a tight match-up, as Campuzano’s punching power is leaps and bounds above anyone at this weight, yet his opponent is a swift fighter with smart defense and use of range.  Both men are huge Flyweights at 5’9″ and a 70″ reach, and the fighter that can adjust to their opponent first will be at an advantage right away.  I’d have to give Nascimento an edge in terms of grappling, yet he runs into an issue against Campuzano and his ability to make this fight a submission battle.  With all of Nascimento’s takedowns coming off of the clinch and Campuzano being known for his clinch striking, we’ll be seeing some tense moments when these two lock up standing.  It’s a potential fight of the ages in this new weight class, and which man comes out holding the belt is anyone’s guess.

DJ Linderman vs. Robert Drysdale: A hard-working fighter, DJ Linderman stays busy in the cage, taking any fight he can get across the LHW and HW spectrum.  Everything about Linderman is a bit of a surprise, as his build would suggest a doughy clinch grappler with a round of endurance.  Yet what we get is actually a highly conditioned athlete with deceptive speed in his footwork, and a formidable boxing game to go with it.  Having routinely beaten the snot out of much larger men at HW with his intense output and opportunistic takedowns, Linderman comes down to LHW for a career defining fight.

Anyone who knows anything about MMA has heard of Robert Drysdale.  One of the most decorated BJJ grapplers in the world; Drysdale has torn up the mats for years and made a career out of training MMA fighters his craft.  In recent years however, Drysdale made the decision to make a run at MMA, both as part of his competitive nature and as a learning experience to pass onto his students working inside the cage.  Having some of the best grappling fundamentals in the game today, Drysdale is learning the rest as he goes, as no one has been able to survive for more than a moment on the mat with him.

This is a major test for Drysdale, as Linderman is a mobile fighter with the tools needed to stop a one-dimensional opponent, and Drysdale’s MMA game will be tested here.  If Drysdale hasn’t put the time into the gym to tighten his boxing defense, or worked on his own entry to engage takedowns, we could see Drysdale’s potential career derailed by the veteran slugger.  Conversely, if Drysdale makes this a ground fight, it’ll be interesting to see how Linderman prepares himself to survive the chain of elite-level submissions being thrown his way.  It’s a tense affair and one worth tuning in for.

Complete Legacy Fighting Championships 19 fight card.


Will Campuzano vs. Alan Nascimento [Flyweight title]

Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Din Thomas

Robert Drysdale vs. D.J. Linderman

Matt Hobar vs. Nelson Salas

George Pacurariu vs. Steven Peterson

Chris Jones vs. Reynaldo Trujillo

Kevin Aguilar vs. Hunter Tucker


Sean Holden vs. Armando Servin

David Armas vs. Brad Mitchell

Angelus McFarlane vs. Evan Thompson

Bull Lawal vs. Jabari Shakur

James Hall vs. Vernon Lewis

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