Vitor Belfort Must Fight in the States before Title Shot!

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UFC Vitor BelfortVeteran UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort has looked impressive his last two fights but those performances have been heavily clouded due to his TRT use. After defeating former Strikeforce middleweight champion Luke Rockhold with a highlight reel knockout, Vitor Belfort has been calling for a title shot.

With Chris Weidman defeating Anderson Silva at UFC 162 and the two set to rematch later this year, Belfort will not be getting a title shot in 2013. The UFC has offered him a fight with Tim Kennedy on a Brazil fight card later this year but it appears Belfort doesn’t want it.

The matchup against the much lower ranked Kennedy is a step backwards for Belfort and offers no upside for his title aspirations. With that said though, the fight would be in Brazil, a place where Belfort has dominated and defeating Kennedy wouldn’t hurt his chances either.

But let’s throw all that out the window though! With the TRT cloud hovering over Vitor Belfort and the uncertainty of him being “clean”, the UFC must put him on a fight card in Las Vegas. There Belfort would be tested for illegal substances and have to request an exemption for TRT. The Nevada State Athletic Commission head Keith Kizer has already gone on record as saying he didn’t think the commission would grant Belfort a TRT exemption.

Over the last two-year Vitor Belfort has fought four times and believes his 3-1 record warrants a title shot. In many circumstances it might but his three wins have been in Brazil where we know he’s used TRT. If Vitor Belfort is worthy of a middleweight title fight then he should be able to fight and win anywhere so why not take a number one contenders bout on the same card as the Weidman vs. Silva rematch. Go 3-0 in 2013, earning yourself a title shot and shutting up everyone questioning you with yet another dominate win……… Oh yeah and let’s not forget testing clean too!

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