Power Ranger to MMA Fighter – An interview with Jason David Frank

| February 11, 2010 | 9:18 am | 15 Replies

Jason David FrankJason David Frank, star of the Power Rangers turn MMA fighter made his debut late last month. Frank fought January 30th for Legacy Fighting Championship’s Lone Star Beatdown against Jonathon Mack. The fight was the main event of the night for the small promotion, which tells a lot about Frank’s star power. The fight only lasted 90 seconds and Frank was clearly feeling the pressure but he came away with a submission victory.

In between rehabbing and training for his upcoming fight on February19th with Chris Rose Frank sat down to talk with MMA Valor. During my interview we talk martial arts, training partners, his debut, upcoming fight and his clothing line “Jesus didn’t tap”.

Part one::http://mmavalor.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Jason-David-Frank-Interview_02-10-2010_part-one-Copy.mp3|titles=Jason

Part two::http://mmavalor.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Jason-David-Frank-Interview_02-10-2010_part-two-Copy.mp3|titles=Jason

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My brain child is MMAValor, something I had wanted to do for a long time and finally it’s here. Been an MMA fan since TUF season one (play catch up all the time) and the obsession started to grow like a weed and as the sport grows so does the love for the sport. I’m a jack of all trades, a very organized person that rides an emotional roller coaster daily.

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  1. mmaquick says:

    Great interview!

  2. MMA MELEE says:

    Great job Valor and congratulations Jason

  3. killjoy_ says:

    @mmaquick & @MMA Melee
    Thanks guys I’m really glad you liked the interview. He is a really easy interview really. When you do some research the guy has a lot of interesting thing in there. Thanks again your you support and look for his next fight on the 19th.

  4. Melissa says:

    Loved the interview! Thanks for sharing so much with us!

  5. Joshua Kahn says:

    I really enjoyed the interview. Thank you.

  6. killjoy_ says:

    @Joshua Hahn
    Thank you very much. You should check out my other intoviews too

  7. killjoy_ says:


  8. LaShanna says:

    I really enjoyed this interview so much of Jason David Frank. Thank you so much for letting me listening to this interview this is really deep

  9. Susan Matisi says:

    Wonderful interview! I’m sure he is an easy interview because he’s easy to talk to like that. So glad to hear him speak from his heart about so many things from his brother to what mistakes he made in his first fight to his faith. He’s a strong, confident, good man who truly has a heart of gold. I’m just one of his lucky fans who has gotten to meet him several times and he’s always generous with his time and genuinely kind to the people who support him.

    I’m sure he’ll do well in his MMA career and it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch! Let other fighters make fun of him and underestimate him because he was a Power Ranger…go ahead. He’s a true martial artist who hasn’t even begun to show what he can do!

    Thanks for the great interview!! The Fearless Frank Nation appreciates it!

  10. Melanye Francisco says:

    Really great interview. It was nice to hear him take such a stand about his beliefs. There aren’t very many people out there anymore that will do that publicly. He even admitted to being human and making a couple of mistakes in his fight against Jonathan Mack, which is almost unheard of at times.Just another reason to look up to him as a person. Best of luck to you on your next fight with Chris Rose.

  11. Mike says:

    Great interview w/ JDF! I can not wait for his next fight. Keep them coming !

  12. Ashia says:

    this interview was awesome. i loved it.

  13. killjoy_ says:

    @Mellanye Francisco
    Yeah he had no problem talking about his beliefs. thanks

  14. mmaquick says:

    thanks everyone for your support keep on MMA valor for more JDF updates and interviews along with other great MMA prospects !

  15. Ed says:

    Damn, Jason talked that guys head off. I thought he wasnt going to quit..LMAO, wow. He really opened up, you can tell he had ALOT on his chest!

    Anyhoo, good interview

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