Exclusive Interview with Efrain Escudero

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Winner of season 8 of the Ultimate Fighter Efrain Escudero defeated the seasons favorite Phillipe Nover. He is most known as the guy who defeated Ultimate Fighter super villain Junie Browning in round two of the season. He recently knocked out season 5 contestant Cole Miller at UFC 103, who ironically has also defeated Browning. Escudero is currently training for his upcoming fight with Evan Dunham at the Ultimate Fight Night on January 11th. He was nice enough to take some time away from training to talk to MMA Valor and answer some questions

When did your parents and you immigrate here from Mexico?
My parents came to the US when i was about 6 years old but they didn’t bring us till i was 8.

Your First MMA fight was in 2006 your second was 3 weeks later. You followed that with 7 fights over 5 months in 2007 making 9 fights in 14 months, all wins. Why did you fight so many times in that small amount of time?
I wanted to push my body to see what it could do plus I loved it and it was my drug I just wanted more and more.

What was the hardest thing about being on the 8th season of the Ultimate fighter?
Having to put up with Junie Browning. just kidding just being away from home.

How did your life change after you won season 8 of the Ultimate Fighter?
Well it hasn’t change much I’m still doing what I was doing before going to school, training and hanging out. Yea i do more traveling and things like that but nothing major.

You scored your first KO win in 12 professional fights last month against Cole Miller. What did it feel like knocking someone out?
I mean I have knocked people in practices before but never in a fight so it was a great feeling.

You have/had a clothing Co. called INC fighting Syndicate. When did you start this and why?
I just wanted to make a clothing line, didn’t care why or anything I just wanted to wear my own gear but now with all the sponsors I just didn’t have time to continue trying to make this work so I just decided to put it aside.

What’s it like seeing yourself in a video game (UFC 2009 undisputed)?
It’s an awesome feeling I never actually thought about being in a game before. Just thought about me being famous and what not, but never saw myself in a game but its really cool.

What part of your game are you currently training?
Everything I want to improve all aspect of my game.

What drives you as a person / fighter?
I wanna help people, I want to be a role model and I want people to see that someone from a poor family came and did what had to be done and never gave up.

Who are you Hero’s?
My parents are my hero’s they worked so hard to get me where I’m at.

Where do you see yourself as a fighter in 2010?
Still fighting and moving up the ladder, hopefully for a title shot.

Being undefeated is a desired thing; do you think that puts any added pressure on you?
No, I don’t care about my record all i want to do is put on a good show and fight

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