The Voice vs Mayhem Miller full episode review

This Friday on HDNet, the world will get its first chance to watch the second installment of “The Voice vs.” with Michael Schiavello. The first special was The Voice vs Joe Rogan which aired earlier this year to a huge success, prompting MMA fans to want more.

Fans are getting their wish and then some as The Voice takes on Jason “Mayhem” Miller. The highly entertaining Miller is best known for his gig on MTV as host of bully beatdown and for entering the ring which incited the in ring riot at Strikeforce: Houston

The special premieres on HDNET this coming Friday, July 30 at 10pm ET, 9:30pm PT. MMA Valor was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of the episode to watch and review for our readers.

The Mayhem in Jason “Mayhem” Miller is not just a nickname but a personality trait. Put Mayhem in a room alone with Schiavello and you get some of the wildest Q & A’s, Stories and visual recreations ever.

Right off the bat the two get into Mayhems past, how he got into MMA and his dad, prompting a classic outburst of “is this like Oprah, you going to make me cry” by Mayhem. You’ll have to wait and see if Mayhem does cry but watch out as you might find yourself laughing to the point of crying as the two discuss Mayhem’s prom night, spending time in jail, himself being bullied and of course the infamous in ring brawl.

Though the two do talk about the brawl and Mayhem’s feelings of Nick Diaz the show thankfully doesn’t revolve around it. In fact the two get very deep and philosophical during the show as you’ll discover what a Ken doll, Mr. Potato head, gorilla glue, two bongs and a monkey have in common. Plus how Scobby-doo, the ninja turtle, the A-team and Mayhem all share something in common? Mayhem’s Thoughts on UFC fighters including Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen and teen pop start Justin Bieber.

Yes I said Justin Bieber, that wasn’t a typo!

The show starts out funny, grabs your attention and keeps going strong through to the end.  Positively and absolutely a piece of entertainment that doesn’t disappoint and you will not want to miss!

Make sure to tune into HDNET this coming Friday, July 30 at 10pm ET, 9:30pm PT

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