Interview: Gabe Ruediger is not bringing a cake to UFC 123

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Gabe Ruediger’s return to the UFC didn’t go exactly as planned for the dismissed TUF season 5 fighter. He faced off at UFC 118 against fellow season 5 alum Joe Lauzon in his return and was completely dominated. Ruediger looked completely out of sorts as the fight started, while Lauzon came out on fire. The combination wasn’t a good formula for winning by Ruediger and the fight ended just 2 minutes in by TKO.

He’ll get one more shot at UFC 123 in Auburn Hills, Michigan on November 20th where his opponent will be England’s Paul Kelly.

Before the Joe Lauzon fight you were on a six fight winning streak, was there anything affecting your performance? 

Ruediger: Well, I took the fight with 2 weeks to prepare which is just not enough time. I know I can beat Joe, but that night I wasn’t able to. I’m hoping I get one more shot at him before I retire.

Are you feeling any added pressure to win this fight? 

Ruediger: There is ALWAYS pressure, but yes after the last poor performance I had, I feel I need to win and win exciting.

What have you changed in your training routine to deal with Paul Kelly’s style and pace? 

Ruediger: I haven’t really changed anything. I’ve watched a lot of footage on Kelly and know what he brings to the table. I’ve always felt that I need to concern myself on preparing the best I can because who knows how my opponent will be coming in.

Are you planning on making Paul Kelly a cake for the weigh-ins? 

Ruediger: I haven’t really thought about it actually. I read that Paul’s dad is a baker, so I doubt I could bring him anything he hasn’t already tried

Where are you currently training at?

Ruediger: I train with PKG in LA and SK Golden boy wrestling club. 

Who did you earn your BJJ black belt under and how do you think your submission game will fair in this next fight?

Ruediger: I train under Rodrigo Mederios and his black belt Romie Aram. My submission game is always a factor in a fight.  My plan is to finish the fight, no matter where it’s held. 

What do you think of the card you’re on and who you got between Machida/ Rampage & Penn/ Hughes? 

Ruediger: I do. I’ve never been to Michigan, but I have a lot of friends there and the card overall looks good. I’m hoping for Machida and BJ to win. 

Any sponsors/trainers/fighters you would like to thank?

Ruediger: I would like to thank everyone at PKG, SK Golden Boy wrestling club, Valley Crossfit, Millennia MMA, Tapout, GOOD4U drinks, and most importantly,  the people who support me and keep me doing this. Also you can follow me on twitter at twitter/gaberuediger, Facebook/gaberuediger or on my site WWW.GABEGODZILLA.COM

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