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After the consistent success of his interview show, MMA commentator and journalist, Michael “TheVoice” Schiavello is back on HDNet, tonight at 9 ET, with the new episode of “TheVoice” Versus. In the hot seat this time is none other than Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion, World Mixed Martial Arts 2010 award winner for International Fighter of the year, and multiple nickname holder Alistair “The Demoliton Man” “The Reem” “Ubereem” Overeem (33-11-1 MMA) (11-7-4 KB).

This episode takes place in Seoul, Korea and provides a full hour of entertaining information.  The interview is very comprehensive and is packed with facts that those who are fans of Overeem, will appreciate, and viewers new to him, will find interesting.  Mike manages to ask the tough questions, the controversial ones, discuss the past and sneak in some fun as well.  In return Alistair is refreshingly candid, calm and open to providing information in a vast area of questions.      

Right off the bat, the interview begins with Alistrair straightening out the rumors on how he got the scar on his face.  Then he discusses his past, going back to his beginnings in martial arts as well as talking about the MMA scene at the time and how he integrated with all of the well-known and respected fighters during that time.  Alistair also provides insight into which fighters he admires and respects and what his reasons are.  We learn about Dutch fighter history over the years and reasons why so many great fighters are coming out of the country.

Mike also has Overeem compare fighting in different countries, since he is a very accomplished international fighter.  We also get some insight into another job besides fighting Alistair was successful at.  Then the diet discussion comes, where Overeem talks about eating horse meat complete with a fun little test put on by Mike that Alistair has to pass. 

Some tough questions and discussion comes as well, where Alistair has to defend against peoples’ allegations of steroid use against him due to his physique.  Overeem, remained calm and open to discussion during this tough part of the interview.  He was also open and accepting to discussing his fight scheduling and the controversial way Fedor Emelianenko’s management is handling his fights and accepting challenges, as well as his reaction to Fedor’s recent loss to Fabricio Werdum.

Mike has Overeem compare fighting MMA and Kickboxing and discuss his aggressive style of fighting.  We also get a look into Alistair’s private side and life when he discusses the tough times he had to go through during his three consecutive losses for PRIDE. 

Of course the interview would not be complete without “The game” – “Knock out, Choke out, Wedgie or a Bowl of Fried Shrimp”.

Overall, Mike manages to pack a large amount and a variety of questions to provide a complete picture of Overeem as a fighter as well as a person.  For his part, Alistair seems very down to earth and honest in his answers and shows himself to be a high-class professional.

There is never a dull moment with Michael Schiavello and those who have been following the series might evaluate this to be the best episode yet.  Not to be missed tonight on HDNet.  Watch and enjoy!

Photos re-published from Michael Schiavello’s private collection.

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