My Take On: Supremacy MMA and its impact on the sport

By: Rich of

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts has come a long way from the days of no holds barred combat where practically anything was legal. Modern day MMA has evolved into a highly lucrative and well respected sport. 

One of the things that has helped the evolution of MMA are organizations like the UFC , Strikeforce and Bellator who strive to present MMA to the masses in a respectable and civilized manner. The evolution of MMA in video games has evolved as well. Gone are the days of button mashing on the PS2 with the older UFC and Pride Fighting games and instead the newer MMA games require skill and mastery of every aspect of MMA seen on TV. From mastering the muay thai clinch and submission game in a title like UFC Undisputed, to learning how fight with varied rules in EA MMA the sport has come a long way towards mainstream acceptance.

This brings me to the newest entrant Supremacy MMA

Publisher 505 Games along with developer Kung Fu Factory bring us a new spin on MMA fighting games which to me seem to set the sport back in some ways. Supremacy MMA embraces the unsanctioned rules and glorifies a side of the sport that many want to erase.  This game bills itself as unsanctioned, underground and uncompromising in the trailer (below) which looks less like the sport I enjoy and more like Fight Club. While I understand the need to set yourself apart from the EA and THQ titles it seems like 505 Games is using controversy to sell the game.

Jens Pulver has become the poster boy for this title which does give it some validity and a fighting chance at acceptance. Is that acceptance worth setting back the strides made by MMA in video game marketplace? I would love to ask Jens if that is something he comfortable with.

If you look at the second trailer you will see it presents the game in a more appealing fashion and spotlights Jens Pulver and not the Fight Club atmosphere of the prior trailer. I pose a few questions to both the video game and MMA fans.

  1. Does this hurt the advancement of MMA into the mainstream?
  2. Would you play it?
  3. How would you change the marketing of this game?
  4. Is there a better way for this game to set itself apart from EA MMA & UFC Undisputed?

I would love to hear your thoughts either in the comments below.

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