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Tim Kennedy, for those of you who don’t know, is a very interesting person.  Not only is he a top level Middleweight currently fighting for Strikeforce but he’s a decorated soldier and veteran.  Tim Kennedy enlisted in the United States Army in 2004.  There is a book written by Dick Couch about Green Beret selection called “Chosen Solider.”  In that book Tim was featured under the name “Tom Kendall.”  It’s a very interesting book if you are at all interested in the military, freedom or the price of freedom.  Tim served in the 7th Special Forces Group and was a sniper and sniper trainer.  He deployed numerous times in support of the war in the Middle East and was awarded the Army’s Bronze Star for Valor under fire.

He participated in MMA events while serving as a Green Beret and in 2004 the Army began a service wide Combatives Hand to Hand tournament, Tim competed and won the Light Heavyweight division.  He won those tournaments three years in a row.

He currently holds a 13-3 professional record with a loss in his debut to Scott Smith, a loss to Mayhem Miller, whom he’d beaten earlier in his career and he recently he lost in his bid to become Middleweight champion, dropping a razor thin and hotly contested unanimous decision to Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza.  After that loss, he dispatched of Melvin Manhoef in the first round and now waits for his next fight.  We sat down to talk about who that might be against.  If it were up to Tim, he’d fight Michael Bisping.  You’re about to learn why.

MMA Valor:  “Tim thanks for taking the time to do this.  We’ll get into the MMA stuff in a second, but, I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, (sarcastic) but we’ve found and eliminated Osama Bin Laden from planet earth.  What does it mean to you?”

Tim Kennedy: “I was sad at first that I wasn’t able to participate in it, and that they said the SEALs got to do it.  But after a day or so I got over it and was proud that we were vigilant as a fighting force and followed through on what we said we would do.”

MMA Valor: “It was pretty interesting to see America almost unanimously celebrate the news, but I still feel that many American’s take the military for granted.  Is that something you feel as well?”

Tim Kennedy: “Everyone takes the sacrifices that we make for granted.  Everyone says they support the military, and the troops, but they have NO idea what these guys go through.  They (the “people”) could never understand unless they saw if first hand.  Which is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.”

MMA Valor: “What was your initial reaction to the news that Zuffa had purchased Strikeforce?  Has that reaction changed at all in the time since the purchase?”

Tim Kennedy: “I was excited.  I know that this was a turning point in the sport.  All the world’s best athletes are under one banner, and will be fighting not for a single belt but the recognition of being the best fighter on the planet.”

MMA Valor:  “Let’s get into Michael Bisping for a bit.  I know you dislike cheaters, I know Bisping cheated against Rivera with the illegal knee and compounded by spitting on his corner.   How bad do you want a fight with him?”

Tim Kennedy:  “I don’t want to fight him only because he is a cheater, but also because the type of fighter that he represents.  I think he brings down the reputation of my sport, and disgraces martial artists around the world.”

MMA Valor:  “He’s been quoted as telling you to “go fuck yourself” and inferring that you were trying to “make a name off of his back.”  I know you’re not one to disrespect another fighter, so what do you say to that?”

Tim Kennedy: “Yet again he shows the class of a fighter that he is.  I don’t want to ride on his back.  I want to lay him out on it.”

MMA Valor: “Talk for a minute about how you feel the fighters who behave badly and act out are rewarded.  Being marketable is important, but is the problem how we’re marketing fighters?”

Tim Kennedy: “Time and time again the bad boys get the praise.  They get the attention.  Media outlets give them more ink, magazines write more articles.  The industry has to change.  The perception of what is news worthy has to change, and the way the promotions rewards or punishes behavior has to change.”

MMA Valor:  “I read that you said you you’d fight Michael Bisping and give the purse to a military nonprofit.  Zuffa is very good with supporting the Wounded Warrior Project, and I feel like this is something they’d admire and respect.  Just how bad do you want this fight?”

Tim Kennedy:  “I would love this fight”

MMA Valor: “The videos that were made by Jorge and company leading up to his fight with Michael clearly had an effect on Bisping.  Some people felt they were too much and got too personal.  If Zuffa signed you to fight Bisping, would we see a similar if not more subtle video attack?”

Tim Kennedy: “He would definitely have some fun.  I can’t say what we would do, but it would be classic.”

MMA Valor: “Let’s pretend for a minute that the UFC isn’t interested in the fight right now, which would be sad, who are you interested in fighting inside of Strikeforce?”

Tim Kennedy:  “I asked for Robbie Lawler after my last fight.  He is the best in the division besides Jacare.”

MMA Valor: “You attended the Zuffa fighter summit in Las Vegas, was it an eye opening experience to you and what are your thoughts on how it went?”

Tim Kennedy: “I think this is going to be a great year for the sport.”

MMA Valor:  “How long do you want to continue fighting full time?”

Tim Kennedy:  “Till I’m needed back overseas, or till I have every major belt.”

MMA Valor: “What would you like to accomplish in your MMA career?”

Tim Kennedy:  “Champion has a nice ring to it.”

Word Association:  I’ll say a person, or phrase and you tell me what enters you mind.

MMA Valor: “Dana White”

Tim Kennedy: “My boss.”

MMA Valor: “Michael Bisping”

Tim Kennedy:  “Over rated cheater”

MMA Valor: “Chael Sonnen”

Tim Kennedy: “Tough”

MMA Valor: “Anderson Silva

Tim Kennedy:  “Talented”

MMA Valor: “UFC”

Tim Kennedy:  “In charge”

MMA Valor: “Thanks for your time, is there anyone you’d like to shout out or thank?”

Tim Kennedy:  “The fans, the troops, rangerup.com, Fahrenheit nutrition, National Guard”


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