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UFC 148 Facebook/FX Prelim Results

Tonight before the mega-stars hit the UFC Octagon, the preliminary fighters will make their walk down and fight at UFC 148. With some big names on the undercard, you'll want to watch on Facebook.com and FX. But if you can't watch them, we've got you covered so check here for the results as they happen.
Anderson Silva v Chael Sonnen UFC 148

Twas the Night before UFC 148 – Can this event live up to the hype?

Let’s be honest, if you’re an MMA fan, tonight is like Christmas even circa you’re tenth birthday. It’s impossible to sit still, sleep at night and all you’re doing is counting the minutes until tomorrows UFC 148. Hey, there’s a lot going down tomorrow. Anderson Silva will finally get his hands on Chael Sonnen, and Chael will get the opportunity to prove he’s more than words. Not to mention Tito’s swan song and rubber match with Forrest Griffin.

Back against the cage wall – Who’s fighting for their jobs this weekend?

When you’re in the UFC, you’re at the top level of Mixed Martial Arts. However, with all the events taking place, and all the fighters under contract, a couple bad performances can be all it takes to lose that spot and be back on the circuit looking for fights in smaller organizations trying to earn your way back. Here’s who might be in danger if they lose this weekend inside the Octagon

Tito Ortiz is in the House….The Hall of Fame that is

Tito Ortiz is a lot of things. He’s brash, cocky, determined, a champion, an icon and now, going into UFC 148, a UFC Hall of Famer. From flipping Shamrock the bird, to Tito is in the house, to Dana is my Bitch, Tito has run the gamut of UFC emotions and realities during his 15 year tenure with the UFC. As that tenure comes to a close, let’s look back at the polarizing moments that made you love Tito Ortiz, and others love to hate him.