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TFC 25Titan Fighting Championships came to Fort Riley to show The Big Red One a good time and I dare say they succeeded with last night’s TFC 25. There was action across all weight classes, with hometown hero Bobby Lashley holding down the main card, so check out the action below.155 lbs. Marcio Navarro vs Aaron Derrow: A true contrast of styles, the Brazilian karateka faced off against the lanky grappler, and both got to show what they had. Derrow started the match as a wrestler and managed to put Navarro on the mat after much effort; working an RNC and vigorous ground and pound for the entire first round. However, the pace and Navarro’s constant leg kick assault seemed to drain Derrow’s gas tank and lead to a shaky second round for Derrow, who lacked the spring to hurt his opponent or take him to the mat. The third round saw both men gaina second wind of sorts with Navarro cracking Derrow with inside leg kicks, while Derrow was content to work from the outside, yet clearly got the worst of it. A final ditch effort for a takedown landed for Derrow in the last seconds, but it was too little, too late for the young fighter, who suffered his 4th defeat in a row.

Marcio Navarro wins via Unanimous Decision (29-28)

265 lbs. Gregg Van De Creek vs Kirk Grinlinton: A tale of wild diverity played out in the Titan cage, as 6’5″ 225lb Gregg Van De Creek faced 5’11″ 255lb Kirk Grinlinton in something straight out of the circus. Big Creek certainly had the size, but found himself easily outmuscled in the early going of the fight, being shut down against the cage before finding himself on the wrong end of a scoop slam. That was the end of Grinlinton’s offense however, as Creek used his lanky frame to find his guard and begin throwing up submissions while avoiding Grinlinton’s attack. It took a few tires, but eventually everything came together for Creek as he locked up an off-sides triangle to got the tap.

Gregg Van De Creek wins via 1st Round Submission (Triangle)

125 lbs. Jeimeson Saudino vs Zach Hubbard: Bellator vet Jeimeson Saudino looked to make a statement at 125lbs, taking on the wild grappler in Zach Hubbard. Hubbard was more than game to start the fight, bobbing and weaving as he came in and doing his best to turn this fight into an advantageous grappling match. While he was able to hit takedowns and work his game, Saudino appeared to be the stronger and was able to power out of positions and start landing his attacks on the feet. Landing brutal strikes on Hubbard against the cage and a flying front kick, Saudino was in control and never let up on the gas. Hubbard found a takedown out of desperation, but Saudino’s guard was active and powerful, locking on a triangle for the win.

Jeimeson Saudino wins via 1st Round Submission (Triangle)

153 lbs. Jesus Adame vs Brian Davidson: A great battle of two very different strikers, Adame and Davidson battled it out for the soldiers. Davidson’s TKD style was turned up to 11, uncorking all kinds of twisting kicks, misdirection set-ups and good old fashion punches to the face. Adame wasn’t out of the game however, working hard to get inside on his rapidly moving opponent, and landing several slick hooks and elbows in tight. As the bout went on, Davidson pulled away on the score cards on virtue of his superior output and dominating the sporatic grappling, taking a hard-earned decision.

Brian Davidson wins via Unanimous Decision (no scores given)

160 lbs. Zach Freeman vs Jake Lindsey: A test between two high-caliber undefeated fighters, Freeman looked to control the outside and time his shot in the face of Lindsey’s simple but effective striking game. Landing some decent shots from range, Lindsey surprised his foe by ducking forward and landing a George Foreman-style axe punch on his foe, dumping Freeman to the canvas. Several follow-up hammer fists hit an unprotected jaw and forced the referee to intervene, giving Lindsey another TKO win.

Jake Lindsey wins via 1st Round TKO (punches)

265 lbs. Bobby Lashley vs Kevin Asplund: The hometown hero came out looking every bit the beast he was expected to be, hitting takedowns with ease and working a tight top game for as long as the fight lasts. While Asplund buried a left hook into Lashley’s face in the second round, he was never able to keep off the canvas, allowing Lashley to work anything he pleased. With some heavy ground and pound from side control, Lashley opened up Asplund and then found an Americana to grab a win in front of the troops.

Bobby Lashley wins via 2nd Round Submission (Americana)

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