Strikeforce [11-07-2009]

I had to wait 3 hours longer then I should of but via tape delay I finally got to see the fights tonight. I really think that both Strikeforce and CBS have alot to work on before the next event on network TV. The production of the show was really odd as they had commercial breaks during fighter entrances. the onlt fight that we saw the fighter walk in was the Shields vs Miller fight and that because Miller had a bid entrance planned. We didn’t even see the entrance for the main event as the fighters where already in the ring when they came back for the break. I also think they need to do something with the announcers mainly Frank Shamrock who didn’t add anything to the show and is horrible with names. The fight themselves were all very good and that is the most important thing, but they have some work to do. For a complete list of results from last night action check out the results page. I went 6-3 in my picks which brings me to 48-27 overall since UFC 100.

The night started out with a heavyweight fight between Fabricio Werdumand Antonio Silva. Silva controlled round one and almost finished the fight but Werdum recovered and took over the fight with his Jui-Jitsu to win the next two rounds and the fight. Wedum wins by Unanimous Decision

The next fight up was the Light Heavywieght champ Gegard Mousasi vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjouin a non-title fight. Round one was really good as Mousasi kept coming forward but Sokoudjou looked really good and quick. Sokoudjou looked slower in round two and the methodical Mousasi took advantage and stopped him by ref. stoppage TKO. Mousasi didn’t look pleased with his fight but I like this guy and I can’t wait to see him fight again. Mousasi wins by 2nd round TKO

The middleweight title fight between Mayhem Miller and Jake Shields is next and we actually get to see the fighter entrance. Miller is a goof but his nickname is fitting and the fans love him for that stuff. This fight was a five roundbattle that is what a championship fight should be. Miller wanted to keep the fight standing where he clearly had the better striking while Shields wanted to control the fight on the ground. The fight was spent primarily on the ground which would suggest Shields dominated the fight. Miller is a very tough guy and even though Shield kept getting him down he never gave up or was submitted. Miller actually got the back of Shields like in round two and locked in a rear naked choke that was deep. The fight was over as Shields had no way of getting out but was saved by the bell and never looked back. Shields controlled the next three rounds from top position wearing Miller done for the victory. Shields wins by Unanimous Decision and is the new Middleweight champ

Now for the main event of the night, Fedor vs. Rogers. The fight started out really slow as they seem to be measuring each other and getting comfortable. Rogers has a big reach advantage and uses it to perfection with a jab the lands flush to Fedors nose breaking it. Fedors nose is bleeding all over the place and he clearly cannot breath out of it either. Rogers looks really good in round one beating Fedor to the punch andholding his own on the ground. Round two has Rogers starting to gas and Fedor took full advantage landing a wild right hand to the chin of Rogers. Rogers goes down and Fedor jumps in for the kill as Rogers curls up into the fetal position. Big John is forced to stop the fight with Rogers curled up doing nothing and Fedor wins (Strikeforce can breathe now). Rogers is really bad in defeat, he was clearly angry in the lose but he should be. Fedor wins by 2nd round TKO

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