The UFC will make it’s return to England tomorrow for UFC 105. As usual when they come to England the event will be free on Spike TV. The main event will be Randy Couture (16-10) making his return to light heavyweight facing Brandon Vera (11-3). It’s the first time the ageless wonder Randy Couture will be fighting live on on free TV.

Brandon Vera will be making his first ever UFC main event appearance when he steps into the cage Saturday. Vera has 7 TKO’s in his 11 wins and will look to keep the fight standing using his kicks to keep Couture from getting inside. If the fight does go to the clinch Vera will look to use his Muay Thai background and punish couture with some knees.

Randy Couture is no stranger to main events inside the octagon as his last 5 fights were the main event on the night. Couture will look to get inside Vera’s leg kicks and do some dirty boxing. He’ll then look for the takedown or slam to get the fight to the one spot couture should have the overwhelming advantage. Once on the ground he should be able to control Vera and inflict some damage by ground and pound.

I see this fight going the distance and in the hands of the judges. Neither one of these fighters are known for having knockout power or being submission experts either. Round one is going to be slow with Vera staying on the outside using his speed to jab and kick. Couture will also stay on the outside throwing his jab trying to find his range to get inside. Rounds two and three is when Couture will be more aggressive and get the takedowns on Vera. Couture has always had great cardio and will wear down Vera, who’s cardio has been questioned before in the second. If Vera does gas in the third round Couture will take advantage and score a TKO. Vera’s cardio a light heavy has been much better so I don’t see him gassing out but Couture will control him enough for the Unanimous Decision.

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