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WSOF 7 Main EventAmong the rash of talented up and coming prospects that occupy Team Alpha Male, Lance Palmer very well may be the cream of the crop. He is set to take on Georgi Karakhanyan on December 7th at WSOF 7 for the first ever World Series of Fighting featherweight championship.

The former Ohio State wrestling stand out took some time to discuss topics ranging from his time with Resurrection Fighting Alliance (RFA), Duane Ludwig and of course his upcoming title fight.

[Update] Prior to running the Lance Palmer interview news broke that Mike Kyle, who was schedule to face Anthony Johnson in the WSOF 7 main event had suffered an injury. The bout had to be scrapped and the Lance Palmer vs. Georgi Karakhanyan has now become the night’s main event.

Here is the Q&A with the now WSOF 7 headlining Lance Palmer:

A lot of people thought you may have lost your last fight, a close split decision win over Jared Downing.  Have you gone back and watched that fight? If so, how did you score it?

Yeah, I watched it and tried to be as unbiased as possible. Also, Scott Cutbirth (RFA Matchmaker) watched it again and he thought that I won 4 out of the 5 rounds. Even though a lot of the rounds were close, he thought that I won 4 of them. I felt that I won at least 3 of the rounds even though some of them were close just based on continuous action and movement. There were a lot of punches that I landed, which was good for me, because it was the first time where I actually threw my hands a little bit. The only thing I was really disappointed in was that I wasn’t really working my takedowns as much and that was because I was trying to work my hands. In the end of it, it’s always that you are going out there to win the fight and you work on that stuff in practice. I shouldn’t have been trying to work on that in the fight. I should have been going to my go-to stuff and controlling him. Hats off to him though, he’s a tough fighter.

RFA is one of, if not the only, regional promotion that openly states its intention to be a feeder to the bigger mixed martial arts promotions. How would you describe your time with Ed Soares and RFA?

Ed is a great guy. Scott Cutbirth is a great guy too, he’s the matchmaker. It is a great organization; they have great intentions and have a lot of tough athletes on their roster. It was a great place for me to be but I’m in a spot where it is time for me to step to the next level as far as being able to make a living on it also. I wasn’t fighting very often in RFA and in the end it eventually comes down to getting paid. That is something that the World Series of fighting has been able to do, offering me a great (deal). My contract was up with RFA so I had to look at what was best for me.

Prior to being announced as a replacement in the featherweight title fight, were you already in talks with the WSOF?

I had heard that they were interested in me but I had never talked with them personally about it. It was something that was kind of last-minute as far as the fight goes but I’m pretty sure there had been talks that it was either going to be sign a new deal with RFA or going with WSOF. I had heard that the UFC wanted me to get some more fights, get better on my feet and in my stand up game.

It has been rather evident the effect Duane Ludwig has had on the Team Alpha Male fighters in the UFC. How would describe the impact he has had on the dynamic of the team?

I think that Duane has made a huge difference with our team in general just as far as confidence goes with our stand up game. He brings a lot to the table with the technical aspects of it. Not only the striking, but the intensity and attitude you have when you go into a fight, going in there after the guy and not standing there afraid to get hit. Go after the guy and impose your will on him. That is something that we already had engrained in us but for him to second that with his abilities that he brought out to us with the striking game. Watching some of his old films and his attitude when he goes into a fight, he goes out there to hurt the guy and finish the guy. I think that is something that a lot of us needed. Instead of going in their to fight, you’re going out there to hurt him and finish him, and not even make it a fight.

What type of impact has he had on your stand up game?

I’ve seen improvement in myself in each fight that I have had, which is good, but in the past 8-9 months since Duane has been here, I have noticed changes. Technically, I’ve noticed a lot of things change for me. In sparring also, being more comfortable to throw. It was something in my last fight that I wanted to showcase which I did a little bit of, but I’m just getting to the point where I am comfortable to stand and bang.

Your opponent, Georgi Karakhanyan, is a big show veteran who has a bit of an experience edge over you. Do you think that edge in experience will play a factor in this fight?

I think experience is always something that’s good to have. I think as far as MMA goes he has experience but I have wrestled my whole life. I have competed my whole life, at a high level, in one on one combat. So, as far as experience goes I think I have more experience.

What type of challenges do you think he presents?

I know that he’s pretty good on the ground. I train with great ground game guys so there are just a few things I need to be aware of on the ground but not be afraid to get in there and go after it off of my takedowns. On the feet he’s athletic, he’s quick but he doesn’t really push the pace very much. My last opponent was an in your face, coming forward the whole time kind of guy and so I am looking forward to pushing the pace. Joe Warren kind of did something that I would like to do to him. Just attack him, stayed on him, make him frustrated. Duane has known Georgi for a long time so that is an advantage that I am going to have also.

Do you think the short notice nature of this fight will have any effect?

I am basically in shape all the time. I wrestled in a big match recently so I am definitely in shape for it. Now it is just the last 3 weeks getting crisp on everything and game planning because all of the rest it is already done.

Let’s end with your prediction of how you become the inaugural WSOF featherweight champion.

I’m looking for a finish in this fight. I have only had 3 finishes out of my 7 fights and I am looking to go out there and finish. I know he’s a dangerous opponent in some areas but I feel like I’m dangerous everywhere. The main thing is I’m going to take the belt back home and add it to my collection.

Thank you to Lance Palmer and his management team for making the interview possible. Please make sure to give him a follow on twitter and check him out on Facebook too.

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