Have we seen the last of Keith Jardine in the UFC?

In recent years when UFC fighter’s loss more than two fights in a row they get handed their walking papers. It’s not an exact science by any means and there is always the exception to the rule but more often than not multiple losses equals a pink slip. 

Following Keith Jardine’s (15-8) loss to Matt Hamill (9-2) last night, he has now lost four fights in a row. To make it worse Jardine has lost five of six over the last two years and six of eight of the last three, thid after starting 4-1 in the UFC.

So have we seen the last of Jardine in the UFC, or will he be spared of his seemingly inevitable date with the executioner?

The arguments:

Yes, having lost six of his eight fights since 2007 and both wins were by split decision, Jardine needs to earn his way back into the UFC. When you are losing to top 5 guys in the division a loss doesn’t look so bad, but Jardine’s last two losses were to fighters outside of the top 10 in the world.

Letting him go to another promotion will not hurt the UFC and a change of promotion might be good for Jardine. Strikeforce would be the likely destination for Jardine and a good place for him to try and get back into the UFC.

No, Jardine has defeated two former light heavyweight champs in Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin inside the octagon. Two of his four losses in a row were by fighters within the top 10 in Thiago Silva and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

 He still holds value in the UFC and letting him leave to Strikeforce is not good business. Why let them use his popularity from the Ultimate Fighter show and five years of service in the cage to their benefit.

Either way we should know very soon, the executioner usually drops his axe quickly and swiftly.

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4 Responses to “Have we seen the last of Keith Jardine in the UFC?”

  1. mmaiceman says:

    I didnt think he lost last night but I havebeen thinknig about it and I dont think they will get rid of him. Like u said his losses are against top guys and when he fights its always exciting. UFC may keep him as the main gatekeeper while trying to get him back on the winning track. Who at 205 is tougher than Keith?

  2. Partner C says:

    you know what? let’s give Jardine another chance. That fight was just too good of a fight to say good bye to Jardine. I wan’t to see him again. I bet a lot of other fans would like to see him again too.

  3. killjoy_ says:

    @Partner C
    I’d be fine with that. We should know soon

  4. mmachiro says:

    Let’s hope that Jardine doesn’t contract Hamill’s staph infection. I like the Dean of Mean. Hopefully he wins his next fight.

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