The Many Issues With MMA Judges

The debate over judge’s decisions on fights seems to be never ending. Time and time again, a fight goes the distance and once the winner is decided, the fans aren’t happy. Sometimes even the fighters are surprised with the outcome. Many fighters today are forewarned of the possible outcome if they let the fight go to a decision. Just as UFC President Dana White has said over and over again, “Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges”. Every time a fight is left to the scorecards, it is more than likely that the audience and fighters won’t agree.

One clear reason for unfair decisions is the absence of TV monitors in front of the officials. Currently, three judges are seated around the cage and watch the fight from that ringside position.

When the fight is difficult to see from their seat, they are encouraged to use the big screens overhead. Without the use of small screens in front of them, judges could be missing some of the little things happening in the fight that could, in turn, clearly determine a winner.

Having only the actual fight and a big screen isn’t doing the fighters justice. The big screen above the cage isn’t the greatest quality and could be difficult to see. The smaller TVs could help clear up any gray areas that the judges are unsure about.

Another possible solution could be an official process to becoming a judge in the sport of MMA. Right now there are many different certification seminars and courses that teach the necessary information needed to be an official. These are helpful, but one standard program would ensure that all judges have met all of the requirements. Instead of all the commissions appointing officials, they could all agree on one specific process of appointing them.

Although the heated arguments over how judges score fights are far from over, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start figuring out practical solutions now. Until then, all fighters need to continue having the mindset that even if a fight feels one sided, you never know what the judges are seeing.

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One Response to “The Many Issues With MMA Judges”

  1. mmachiro says:

    With some lobsided judging, they need to figure something out quick. Varner in my opinioned was robbed of the fight. Having a small screen in front of the judges can work. Just omit the audio so as not to stray ones judgement on what the commentator is saying. I would also say that instant replay should be allowed for some potential illegal blows. i.e. Josh Koscheck and the “illegal knee” that he supposedly received from Daley and Johnson.

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