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MMAValor Exclusive Interview With Demetrious Johnson

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We recently polled fans for question they’d like to ask a fighter in our exclusive interview with Anthony Pettis. The interview was a bit different from the normal, with question the fans were looking to have answered and not the standard fighter questions. 

We are back with another up and coming UFC fighter with questions straight from the fans, directed towards “Mighty Mouse”  Demetrious Johnson.  The Bantamweight fighter get asked how he feels on many different pressing issues and even some more off the wall questions as well in this exclusive interview. 

Johnson originally impressed fans with some very impressive WEC fights and most recently a dominating win over Kid Yammamoto in his UFC debut. Johnson is a Wrestling based fighter out of AMC Pankration with arguably the best takedowns in the Bantamweight division. With another great fight lined up for him at UFC 130 against Renan Barao, we caught him near the end of his training camp for a little break to answer some the fan based questions below:

Q: Are you ready for a title shot at this point in your career?

DJ: No, I like to work my way up, so when it is time for the title shot everyone will know that I am ready.

Q: How’s training going for your next fight?

DJ: Training for my next fight is going really well. Really looking forward to fighting at UFC 130 it’s going to be one of the most exciting cards this year.

Q: What is the toughest division to fight in, worldwide?

DJ: I would say all weight divisions are tough to be in.

Q: What could you bring to the table against Cruz that others have not succeeded on in the past?

DJ: I think if Cruz and I had a chance to fight, Many fans would see the best foot work in the world. We both have similar styles because we both use a lot of movement to set stuff up.

Q: If a 125 lb division opened up, would you drop down?

DJ: Not sure if I will drop to 125, it is in the back of my mind.

Q: You debuted in the WEC about a year ago against Brad Pickett, how much better do you think you’ve gotten since then?

DJ: I think I am a completely better fighter now then I was when a debut in WEC against Pickett.

Q: Renan Barao is legit on the ground, what kind of training have you done to prepare for that?

DJ: Well let’s just say I roll with Matt Hume almost every Wednesday and Matt is the best out there :)

Q: How many fights away from a title shot do you think you are?

DJ: Not sure how far I am away from a title shot my job is to train and fight.

Q: Would you ever fight in Japan?

DJ: As of right now I don’t think I want to fight in Japan, but in the past it would be a definite yes.

Q: What is your favorite video game?

DJ: Right now the new dead space I seriously love it.

Q: Have you gotten any bigger since you debuted, and if not do you plan to?

DJ: Nope I’m still similar in size. But when I started MMA I weighed 126 and I was 5′ 3″ and now I am 143.

Q: Who do you think is the best fighter in the world?

DJ: Matt Hume is the best fighter in the world.

Q: With a lot of Japanese fighters coming over, are there any in particular you would like to fight?

DJ: I already fought him, Kid Yammamoto.

Q: If you could call out one person in the division who would it be and why?

DJ: No, I will let the matchmaker do that for me.

Q: Do you feel as if you could beat Dominick Cruz right now?

DJ: No, I need a some more time before me and Cruz meet. I like the guy and what he has done for the division.

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