Like MMA Gear, How About MMA Gear at 50% off?


As Mixed Martial Arts continues to grow, so do the number of apparel companies looking to get their piece of the pie. What started out as just a few solid brands to choose from has now become a jungle of brands all vying for your money.

Unless you are Scrooge McDuck, swimming around in your vault of money, you just can’t get your hands on all those great MMA brands out there. Or can you?

Paying full price for gear will drain your wallet faster than you can spell “Affliction” but what if you could get the gear you want at half the price? That’s where (formerly ClynchHouse) can help out MMA fans get the gear they want at half the price.

Sixth Minute has partnered up with online MMA brands / retailers to bring you the incredible saving directly to you email’s inbox. Every time a new deal arrives sixth Minute will email you a specific promo code to use at the partner’s website.

Use that code and you’ll find yourself rocking the gear you desire at 50% off the normal price.

But you must hurry and jump on these deals as they do not last forever. The discount code will only be available for 48 hours, so you better jump on the deals while you can.

Signing up is easy and the best put of it all is that’s its completely free! All you have to do is head on over to and enter your email address to start to savings. Recent deals have included, and with more on the way.

If you’re a fan a MMA gear then you’ll be a fan of Sixth Minute.

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One Response to Like MMA Gear, How About MMA Gear at 50% off?

  1. MMA gear says:

    This is great, I was looking for a deal on some new gear.

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