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The Injury Bug Strikes Again, This time its at UFC 153

| September 11, 2012 | Reply

UFC Medical Ward 363x200 The Injury Bug Strikes Again, This time its at UFC 153Another UFC event, another fighter injured. It seems like a recurring theme these days as you can never count on a card until they actually walk out to the octagon, and even then they could get injured on the way there. The price you pay for a physical sport where the training camps are just as hard, or if not harder, then the actual fight. Think about it, fighters, eat, sleep, and train consistently. They are breaking down their bodies more than they are resting them. It will and always is an inevitable vicious cycle.

As it started out with Dan Henderson, it has moved its way to UFC 153 where now Jose Aldo AND Rampage Jackson are out for their upcoming fights. Rampage has been pulled from his co-main event fight with Glover Teixeira due to an undisclosed injury sustained during training. Roughly a few hours later, Jose Aldo was reported to be pulled from his main event fight due to an injury that was sustained in a motorcycle accident that Aldo had gotten into the previous week. Aldo was set to defend his featherweight title at UFC 153 against Frankie Edgar, who had replaced Erik Koch after he also went down to an injury.

There are a lot of reasons that could possibly contribute to the amount of injuries that have been occurring the past couple months. Too many shows? It certainly is possible; more shows might mean more fights, which could contribute to watered downed cards. Over training? The pressure of having to perform at a top-level takes training day in and day out to get better and better. Fighters might think more is better when in actuality its the opposite, causing fighters to not be 100 percent almost every day. One thing is certain; a card certainly isn’t official till you see them in the cage and actually fighting.

Reports are the UFC is feverishly working to find replacements for the UFC 153 card that currently is missing its top two fights.

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