Fight Master: Bellator MMA Episode Seven recap – A bad day for Extreme Couture

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Fight Master LogoThe final two fights of the opening round of Fight Master: Bellator MMA went down last night and after the first six bouts, only Joe Warren and the Rino Sport camp are still looking for their first win. Greg Jackson isn’t doing much better though as Jackson’s MMA is just 1-2 as they send their last fighter to the cage. Extreme Couture is sitting pretty at 2-0 and Shamrock MMA is in the clubhouse at 3-1.

With only two spots remaining in the quarterfinal round, here is how the the Fight Master: Bellator MMA Fighter Rankings look:

  1. Joe Riggs [Jacksons MMA]
  2. Christiano Souza [Extreme Couture]
  3. Chris Lozano [Shamrock MMA]
  4. AJ Matthews [Extreme Couture]
  5. Cole Williams [Extreme Couture]
  6. 6.       Tim Welch [Jacksons MMA]
  7. Eric Bradley [Jacksons MMA]
  8. 8.       Jason Norwood [Rino Sport]
  9. Nick Barnes [Shamrock MMA]
  10. 10.   Mike Dubois [Shamrock MMA]
  11. Evan Cutts [Rino Sport]
  12. 12.   Ismael Gonzalez [Rino Sport]
  13. Mike Bronzoulis [Extreme Couture]
  14. 14.   Bryan Travers [Jacksons MMA]
  15. 15.   Eric Scallan [Rino Sport]
  16. Joe Williams [Shamrock MMA]

The last hope for Rino Sport rests on the shoulders of the #11 overall ranked Evan Cutts. To earn his spot in the next round he will have the tough task of fighting the top ranked Extreme Couture fighter, #2 Christiano Souza.

Fight #1 – #2 Christiano Souza [Extreme Couture] vs.  #11 Evan Cutts [Rino Sport]

Souza used Cutts as his personal punching bag in the opening round but the heart of the underdog survived the round. Souza threw a ton of offense in the round and looked as if his gas tank was in need of a refill. That became obvious when Souza just rested following a takedown and then easily let him back up. The underdog had his chance and with Joe Warren needing a win Evan Cutts locked on a choke that the tired Souza could not escape. Evan Cutts wins via 2nd round Triangle Submission.

Rino Sport gets their first win, while Extreme Couture gets the first taste of defeat.

In the last up fight of the opening round #4 ranked AJ Matthews picked one of the toughest fighters in #7 Eric Bradley. Matthews is coming into the fight with a right shoulder injury that isn’t going to favor him well against the wrestler.

Fight #2 – #4 AJ Matthews [Extreme Couture] vs. #7 Eric Bradley [Jacksons MMA]

Matthews looked tentative to open the fight and Bradley effortlessly takes him to the ground. Matthews briefly gets up then quickly goes down again before using a Kimura to escape back to his feet. Still not doing much and also not listening to his Extreme Couture coaches, Matthews gets pushed against the cage and controlled for the remainder of the round. Round two was no different from the first, Matthews didn’t throw much of anything and Bradley controlled the fight against the cage. Eric Bradley wins via Unanimous Decision.

Not a good episode of Fight Master for Extreme Couture as they dropped both fights despite having the higher ranked fighters. Rino Sport was able to get into the win column and Jackson’s MMA ended the opening round on a high note getting their second fighter into the quarterfinals. It’s Shamrock MMA and their three fighters advancing that sit at the top of the hill as the next round of Fight Master: Bellator MMA gets ready to begin.

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