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WSOF 2Fledgling company World Series of Fighting is blooming into a true force in the MMA world, focusing on lighter weight talent acquisitions for for Saturday’s WSOF 4. Though not new to savvy MMA fans, guys like Tyson Griffin, Nick Newell, Brandon Hempleman and Jared Papazian should make some waves in their respective divisions as they make their promotional debuts.  There’s plenty of action to cover, so let’s dig into this event.

Tyrone Spong vs. Angel Deanda: An ultra-elite kickboxer, Tyrone Spong has faced some of the best of the best in muay thai, but remains unproven within the realm of caged combat. Having taken out gimmie opponent Travis Bartlett in his MMA debut, Spong is ready for a challenge, and will face a surprisingly skilled fighter in Angel DeAnda.

DeAnda comes into this bout as a Light Heavyweight, but possesses the quickness and timing of a much smaller fighter. A boxing stylist, DeAnda relies on his deft power punches, most of which come from countering inside the pocket. Having flattened nearly all of his opponents by KO, DeAnda will look to keep the ball rolling on his career and score the major upset here.

Of all the guys to pick for your second fight, DeAnda isn’t a great choice. While he is a striker first with limited grappling ability, he’s also a deceptively fast puncher with great out-put, and a strong track record against muay thai fighters. When it comes down to it, both guys have great power, but both also have less-than-quality chins, making this a lot closer than you might think. I have to side with Spong’s multi-limb attack and brutal leg kicks over the boxing style of DeAnda here, but anything could happen in the early going.

Quick Reports:

Gesias Cavalcante vs. Tyson Griffin: A dream match straight out of 2007, JMMA superstar Gesias Cavalcante will face former UFC ace Tyson Griffin. This is a story of who has aged worse, as we aren’t getting either man at their prime, yet both are deadly despite this fact and can put on a serious game face. Cavalcante has a theoretical striking edge, and some slick hooks on the mat, but Griffin is the fresher fighter with superior wrestling and can fight at a clip few can match. It’s potentially tight, but Griffin should be able to keep the first round close and run away with this in later rounds, taking a decision win.

Ray Sefo vs. Dave Huckaba: Taking a break from his duties as WSOF president, Ray Sefo will return to the cage for an MMA bout, taking on hard-nosed American fighter Dave Huckaba. Sefo made his career on being the tougher man in the kickboxing ring, but his style doesn’t translate to MMA, and he’s shown a lack of investment in the ground game previously. While Huckaba isn’t a world beater, he can take a serious punch and has the grappling skills and size to put Sefo on his back if and when he needs to.  It might not be the fight of the night, but Huckaba should take the smart path to victory, tying up Sefo and hitting takedowns for the decision win.

Jorge Santiago vs. Gerald Harris: Road warriors Jorge Santiago and Gerald Harris will square off in their new stomping grounds in a turning point fight for either man. Santiago is one of the most talented men in MMA, yet he has a tendency to fall apart in tough fights, going on the defensive and never getting back into a predator mindset. Of all the fighters who can take advantage of this, Harris isn’t one of them, operating as a low-output grinding wrestler who appears to be in love with his hand speed, but doesn’t throw enough to make it matter. With Harris playing a “wait and see” game, I think Santiago can land his strikes consistently, avoid takedowns and also has submission potential here, hitting a finish before the final bell.

Marlon Moraes vs. Brandon Hempleman: A great fight in the Bantamweight division, WSOF’s home-grown terror Marlon Maraes will face Brandon Hempleman. Hempleman has largely flown under the radar in his career thus far, but made a major statement against UK legend Paul McVeigh in his last showing.  A natural fighter with a knack for mixing his striking and submission work, Hempleman will have a unique foe to work his game plan against, as Moraes moves like no one else.  With slick footwork and outstanding strike placement, Moraes holds a notable victory over Miguel Torres and could very well ice Hempleman in similar fashion if he’s given the chance. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better striker than Moraes outside the UFC and Hempleman just isn’t seasoned enough to deal with this adversary, whom should beat him soundly from bell to bell.

Nick Newell vs. Keon Caldwell: A fighter well-known for his disability, Newell has come to the WSOF to prove he’s just as strong of a fighter as anyone else in the world at 155lbs, taking on TUF washout Keon Caldwell. For those unfamiliar, Newell is missing most of his left arm due to a birth defect, but his unique style of grappling and power striker have gotten several dangerous fighters out of there in a matter of minutes. His opponent is known for leaving TUF due to homesickness early and hasn’t been active in years, making this one tough to call with any certainty. The recipe to beating Newell is simple on paper, but requires precision and tenacity, two things we can be fairly sure Caldwell doesn’t have at this point in his career, leaving the door wide open for Newell’s victory.

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