UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection 2013 Brings the Goods again

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UFC: Ultimate Fight CollectionThe UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection offer’s fight fans an extensive recap of one years worth of action inside the Octagon.

Back for its third year is the UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection 2013, a massive DVD collection from the UFC and Anchor Bay that is filled with a year’s worth of fights. Spanning between July of 2012 thru June of 2013, there is over 50 hours of UFC action encompassing 200 fights across 20 DVD disc’s.

Following the giveaway we did earlier this month and with the holiday season quickly approaching we wanted to give our readers a deeper look at what they will get should they find the UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection 2013 under their Christmas tree.

The UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection 2013 comes in a tough and sturdy sleeve that measures in at 7.75″ tall, 11.5″ wide and 1.25″ deep. The dark blue shell with red and white lettering on the front also has an overhead view of the Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos rematch from UFC 155. On the left hand side is where the collection’s booklet slides out from, which has the same graphics from the front.  

UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection 2013

Opening the booklet uncovers just how big this collection is when you see pages and pages of DVD’s. Only the first page, which has the table of contents, doesn’t have two of the 20 disc’s side by side. The table of contents is detailed with the disc number, event, date and the fights from that event on that DVD. The majority of the disc’s contain just one event but a few of them have two, but each disc has between 8 and 17 fights on them. The pages with the disc’s also have the events listed under the DVD but not the fights, you’ll need to refer back to the front for that.

Pop the DVD into the player and you’ll be greeted with the familiar ZUFFA satellite, a UFC commercial and finally the menu screen. From here you can click the event which will play all the fight’s from that card back to back or click the “fight card” which will list the fights for you to choose the exact one you’d like to watch. No matter which one you choose you’ll get the original fighter lead in and the tale of the tape prior to the fight, along with the complete fight, minus the commercials.

Some of the fights that you get inside the UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection 2013 are:

Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen II

Jon Jones vs. Vitor Belfort

Georges St-Pierre vs. Carlos Condit & Nick Diaz

Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos II

& more!

The collection is unbelievable and a must have for any MMA fan but there are a few complaints I have. The major one is the simple fact that you cannot get the UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection 2013 in Blu-ray, it only comes in DVD format. I’m sure the reason for this is the cost because the DVD format already has a retail cost of $134.99, so a Blu-ray collection would be a lot more than that. The other complaint is a small one but it has to do with the dimensions of the packaging mentioned above. While the booklet and packaging itself is great, the size makes it a pain to store. Other than that though I really have nothing else to complain about.

The UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection 2013 was released earlier this month and can be purchased online at Amazon, the UFC Store and several other sites. If you’re looking to buy, which you really should, the UFC store currently has it for a discounted price of $79.99. 

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