Rick Story dominates, ready for the main card

Rick Story came into UFC 117 as the underdog against Dustin Hazelett, but left with his hand raised after dominating the entire fight. Story clearly came into this fight with a game plan for the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Hazelett.

Right as the bell sounded to begin round one, Story was all over Hazelett using his aggressive striking to get inside. Once inside, Story kept the pressure on and repeatedly slammed him to the canvas. Once on the mat, Story then continued the punishment until he’d back off to let Hazelett up.

Then much to dismay of Hazelett, Story would start the cycle all over again.

This game plan by Story was executed to perfection, in exploding fashion until Hazelett had enough and the referee was forced to stop the fight early in round two.

The victory for Story was his fourth in a row after losing in his UFC debut, brining him to 10-1 in his last 11 fights. With all five of his fights with the UFC being part of the nights undercard, this victory should insure the next time we see Rick Story; it will be on the main card.

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